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There are countless models of steam ovens, steamers, and steam cabinets available in the Hong Kong market, and many people want to know which steam oven is the best and most cost-effective. What are the differences between steam ovens at different price points? Based on our experience selling over 100 models of steam ovens, here are the 4 key questions you need to know before purchasing a steam oven:

  1. Should you choose a countertop or a built-in steam oven?
  2. How do you determine the required steam oven dimensions?
  3. Besides steaming food, are there any other special functions needed?
  4. Finally, what is the best steam oven model you can find within your budget?

Let's answer these steam oven-related questions one by one, and based on expert opinions and over 30 real user reviews, we'll recommend the best steam ovens across budgets ranging from $2,000 to $20,000.


Why buy a steam oven instead of using a normal wok to steam?

Why should I buy a steam oven to help steam food? At home, we all use a wok to steam eggs or steam any kind of vegetables. A wok costs hundreds or two hundred dollars, so why should I use thousands of dollars to buy a steam oven?


The simple operating principles of a steam oven

The basic operating principle of a steam oven is quite simple. Typically, a steam oven has a removable water tank. The user first adds water to the tank and then can start steaming food. When the steam oven is turned on, the heat inside the oven heats the water, causing it to turn into steam. This steam then heats the food being cooked. Steam is particularly well-suited for making delicate and light dishes, such as scallops or bread. Many people also like to use steam to cook vegetables, fish, and meat, or to reheat leftover rice and dishes while adding some moisture back. Additionally, steam ovens have an exhaust vent, which allows the heat and excess steam to be released. The location of this exhaust vent is often a key consideration for customers when purchasing a steam oven, as it can significantly impact where the oven can be installed and the overall kitchen layout. We'll discuss this aspect in more detail later on.


Key considerations when purchasing a steam oven

Built-in vs Countertop Steam Oven

Depending on the installation method, there are two different types of steam ovens on the market: built-in and countertop. If your kitchen is newly renovated or the location permits, a built-in steam oven is generally recommended. The biggest advantage is that the entire kitchen can be more beautiful and beautiful. You can make better use of every inch of space, and you don't have to worry about your home, children, or pets touching wires or sockets. Moreover, built-in steam ovens generally have a larger oven cavity size, 30 or 40 liters is the basic size, and the maximum can even be 80 liters or more. The countertop type is more flexible in installation. As long as it can be connected to an outlet and enough space is reserved for heat dissipation, it is suitable for guests who rent a house or have limited kitchen space.


Steam oven dimensions/capacity

While dimensions are often asked about, the capacity and ventilation clearance are more important as they directly impact how much food you can cook at once. Countertop models are typically 20-30L, while integrated models range from 30-80L. Consider your typical cooking needs (number of diners, dish sizes) when deciding on capacity. We generally recommend 30L or larger if possible, as users often expand their cooking as their needs grow (e.g. hosting more guests).

In addition, the number of shelves in the steam oven ranges from one to four. The more shelves, the more dishes you can cook at the same time.



Steam oven functions

In addition to steaming, the main feature of steam ovens or microwave steam ovens is the addition of baking and microwaving functions. These 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 ovens are very suitable for Hong Kong people who want to make the most of their limited space, as a single appliance can serve the functions of a microwave, oven, and steamer. However, it's important to note that some functions may be compromised. For example, the baking power may not be as strong as a traditional oven, potentially requiring longer baking times. Many steam oven models also have preset programs to assist with tasks like bread proofing, slow cooking, defrosting, preheating (steam/baking), keeping food warm, and sanitization.


Steam oven exhaust location, ventilation space, and installation considerations

When purchasing a steam oven, in addition to considering the dimensions of the unit itself, it is even more important to pay attention to the required clearance space for ventilation and the location of the exhaust vent. Front exhaust has the advantage of requiring less clearance space at the back of the unit, but the hot air will be expelled from the front. The rear exhaust can help avoid excessive temperatures at the front of the unit. Additionally, for built-in steam ovens, you need to consider the routing of the electrical wiring and the location of the power outlet. The sales staff will usually explain these installation considerations when you are selecting a steam oven. It's important to understand these requirements before making a purchase.


Cleaning Method

Anyone who has used an oven knows that cleaning is a very important part of the process. If you choose the wrong steam oven, the hassle of cleaning can make you want to use the appliance less or even abandon it completely. Fortunately, most steam ovens are very easy to clean, as they have built-in self-cleaning functions. You simply need to fill the water tank, add 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar, and then run the cleaning cycle. This usually takes around 30-40 minutes. Some models on the market also feature easy-to-clean interior coatings, which allow you to easily wipe away any built-up grime. This is a key selling point for these steam oven models, as it makes the cleaning process much more convenient.


Steam oven preheating time

Another important consideration when purchasing a steam oven that many people care about is the preheating time. Often, recipes will specify that you need to preheat the steam oven to a certain temperature before putting in the ingredients to steam or bake. So what are the preheating times for the popular steam oven models on the market? BBE has conducted a series of real-world tests to most accurately present the preheating times for various steam oven models.


Exclusive built-in steam oven test video

The tests were conducted in the BBE showroom, covering the following aspects: ease of use, preheating time, safety level, actual usable capacity of the oven cavity, usage efficiency. These professional tests and ratings were performed on steam oven models from the following brands: Siemens, Bosch, Whirlpool, Cristal, and Gorenje.




FAQ when buying a steam oven

Q: What are the advantages of steaming compared to microwaving or baking?

A: Steam ovens cook food faster than conventional convection ovens. In fact, some steam oven models can even cook food faster than a microwave oven. Often, we end up just throwing away leftover rice and dishes. Even if we reheat those leftovers in a microwave, they tend to lose their flavor and become very dry. But a steam oven can solve this problem. The steam is able to restore the original moisture content of the food, so it tastes just as delicious as when it was first cooked. Steam ovens reach very high temperatures and can thoroughly cook a whole chicken in just 20 minutes. Not only do steam ovens cook food quickly, they also preserve nutrients and result in better taste and texture. There are also certain dishes, such as braised soups, custards, and steamed eggs, that can only be properly prepared in a steam oven.


Q: What are the differences between steam ovens, combi-steam ovens, and microwave steam ovens?

A: Due to the limited kitchen space for most Hong Kong people, multi-function all-in-one steam ovens have become increasingly popular in recent years. As a result, there are many similar-sounding names, but the most important functions are generally the combination of "steaming", "baking/roasting", and "microwave". The most basic model is the pure steam oven, which only has a steam function. Steam ovens with both a steam function and a traditional baking/roasting function are called "steam-bake" ovens. And then the "microwave steam-bake" ovens add a microwave function as well. Among these options, the most popular and widely used model is the "steam-bake" oven, which combines the steaming and baking/roasting functions.


Q: What is the difference between a Steam Oven and a Superheated Steam Oven?

A: The principles and applications of "steam ovens" and "Superheated Steam Oven" (also known as "Healsio") are quite different. The term "Healsio" originates from the Japanese brand Sharp, whose models operate at temperatures ranging from 100°C to 340°C. They use "superheated steam" technology to penetrate the food, and they also have a microwave function. Water ovens typically have a capacity of around 25-30 liters, and may require adding water every half hour, making them more suitable for simpler steaming tasks. In contrast, steam ovens have both baking and steaming functions. Their steaming temperatures are not as high as superheated steam ovens, typically ranging from tens of degrees Celsius to around 100°C. However, steam ovens can handle longer cooking times, making them well-suited for Hong Kong-style stews, steamed fish, and even rice cakes. They can also be used for baking desserts. Steam ovens often have a capacity exceeding 70 liters, making them more suitable for kitchens with larger spaces and users who enjoy diverse cooking methods.

Know more about Healsio, visit 「Healsio, Halogen cooking pot & Airfryer buying guide」。


5 Selected Steam Oven Recommendations in 2024

Electrolux Built-in Professional Multi-function Steam Oven KOAAS31X


This time, we are introducing the Electrolux built-in multifunctional professional steam oven KOAAS31X. It retains many of the advantages of the previous generation, including SousVide vacuum low-temperature slow cooking, a food probe, and an external removable water tank. Additionally, it now features SteamPro, Steamify programs, a Chinese interface, and up to 260 automatic programs: 25 cooking modes including 9 special heating modes, 8 steam heating modes, and 8 heating functions. The interface is easy to understand and convenient to use, making it even more user-friendly.


2. SIEMENS iQ700 7-in-1 Smart Combi-steam Oven CP269AGS0K

We are very pleased to invite Siemens guest host Calvin to demonstrate how to use Siemens' latest CP269AGS0K 7-in-1 microwave steam oven. In just under 30 minutes, you can prepare three dishes. This all-in-one appliance includes steaming, baking, and microwave functions, making cooking much more convenient than you might imagine. Additionally, this appliance features a Chinese interface and #iRecipe intelligent recipes for both Chinese and Western cuisines, catering to the diverse tastes of Hong Kong residents.



3. Gorenje BCS598S24X Professional Steam Oven

Featuring a Homemade design inspired by traditional wood-fired ovens, it ensures even heat distribution from all sides. This results in baked goods that are always crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This shape, combined with the 360-degree multi-flow convection system, allows you to bake up to five layers of food at once without any issues.



4. Whirlpool 4S Steam Oven 32L

The Whirlpool CS2320, which combines the functions of a microwave oven, convection oven, steam oven, slow cooker, air fryer, dehydrator, dough proofer, and baby bottle sterilizer, is a popular model in the city. Compared to the previous generation MAX209S, the new steam oven adds many practical features, including slow cooking, dehydration, and more flexible independent upper and lower heating controls. Its countertop design easily fits any kitchen layout, and with a price under 5000, it is considered great value for money. As an authorized Whirlpool distributor, BBE frequently collaborates with Whirlpool to host steam oven cooking demonstrations, where participants consistently praise its multifunctionality and convenience. There is also a smaller model, CS1250, which offers the same basic functions but with a reduced capacity of 25 liters to match its more compact size.



5. Electrolux Compact Kitchen Must-have Steam Oven KVBAS21X KVBAS21WX

It is equipped with a food probe, allowing you to monitor the status of your food and easily check the cooking progress. When the food is done, the oven will automatically shut off, saving you time and worry. Additionally, the extra-large fan and air guide design ensures even heat distribution for perfect cooking results. The oven also features an external water injection system, which avoids the need to open the oven to add water, reducing the risk of injury while maintaining stable humidity and temperature. The steam oven offers three different steam cooking modes, suitable for various dishes, making cooking easier. In summary, the ELECTROLUX KVBAS21WX steam oven simplifies cooking, enabling you to effortlessly create delicious meals.



Expert and real-user steam oven recommendations (January 2024 update)

The most popular countertop steam oven brands include Panasonic and Whirlpool, while the best built-in steam oven brands are Gorenje, CRISTAL, Bosch, and Electrolux. Over the years, BBE has sold over ten thousand steam ovens, gathering extensive feedback from real users on both pre-sales and after-sales services, including installation and follow-up. Based on expert opinions and real user experiences, we recommend several of the best and most cost-effective steam ovens.


Entry-level countertop steam oven:

Panasonic NU-SC180W Steam Oven

Although this machine costs less than 3000 yuan, it is equipped with all the basic functions required for a steam oven, allowing you to experience all the benefits of steam baking. The 20-liter oven cavity can be used for low-temperature steaming, medium-temperature steaming (original steam), braising, healthy frying, fermentation, baking, and steam baking, making it suitable for beginners or customers who already have other kitchen appliances and limited kitchen space. However, you need to be aware that the installation requires a relatively large reserved space. There should be a 20 cm gap above the product, 5 cm on both sides, and a 10 cm gap at the back to ensure proper air circulation.



 WHIRLPOOL  CS2320 4S countertop steam oven

The Whirlpool CS2320, which combines the functions of a microwave oven, convection oven, steam oven, slow cooker, air fryer, dehydrator, dough proofer, and baby bottle sterilizer, is a popular model in the city. Compared to the previous generation MAX209S, the new steam oven includes many practical features such as slow cooking, dehydration, and more flexible independent upper and lower heating controls. Its countertop design easily fits any kitchen layout, and with a price under 5000, it is considered great value for money. As an authorized Whirlpool distributor, BBE frequently collaborates with Whirlpool to host steam oven cooking demonstrations, where participants consistently praise its multifunctionality and convenience. There is also a smaller model, CS1250, which offers the same basic functions but with a reduced capacity of 25 liters to match its more compact size.



$8,000 to $12,000 picks:

WHIRLPOOL W3MS450 built-in steam oven

The W3MS450 built-in steam oven produced by Whirlpool, an American brand with a history of 100 years, is definitely one of the most popular steam oven models this year. It is one of the built-in steaming ovens on the market priced below $10,000. It has a total of 15 cooking modes and 43 preset modes, so even novice chefs can easily get started. Moreover, in the canal steam mode, high-temperature steam will not be emitted from the front, making it safer and more reliable if there are children at home and an open kitchen. Currently, you can buy a built-in steamer and oven at a discounted price of several thousand yuan from BBE. It comes with a 2-year maintenance and is a first-rate price/performance ratio.



$5,000 to $10,000 picks::

CRISTAL C-S68GXMB built-in steam oven

For $8,000, you can buy the latest C-S68GXMB from Italian brand CRISTAL. The steam oven has a large space of 60 liters and is equipped with a three-layer stainless steel inner cavity, allowing users to freely choose the position of the shelves to achieve ideal cooking results. The 12 modes include upper grill mode, upper and lower grill mode, hot air convection mode, pure steam mode, tender grill mode, high-temperature steam mode, chef function, heat preservation function, defrost mode, fermentation mode, sterilization cleaning, descaling function, cooking There is no difficulty in any dish. 6.86-inch large color screen, unique Chinese and English display options, easier to operate. There is also an enamel inner wall, which can automatically clean the steaming oven.


$12,000 to $15,000 picks:

SIEMENS CS589ABSOH built-in steam oven

45cm built-in steam oven iQ300 Series, LCD display and touch function, 3-layer cold-touch glass door, built-in cooling fan, 4-layer tray, stainless steel oven cavity, 8 heating modes: powerful steaming (110C), steam cooking, hot air, hot air barbecue, comprehensive barbecue, thawing, reheating and fermentation, designed with LCD display and light touch function, 3-layer cold touch glass door, built-in cooling fan, 4-layer plate rack stainless steel oven cavity, featured residual temperature display safety sensor System, except grill function, program/extra features, hot air grill adds steam function, 25 automatic cooking programs 25 automatic cooking programs equipped with alarm function clock.




$12,000 to $15,000 picks:

Gorenje BCS547ORAW BCS547ORAB built-in steam oven (optional black/white)

The appearance of this model is designed by the famous French designer Ora Ïto. It is unique. It is made in Europe and comes with a 3-year warranty. The quality and maintenance have completely surpassed other brands. 3-layer insulated glass door for safety. It comes with a meat probe for temperature measurement and multiple cooking mode options. It has a unique drip-free steam function that no longer soaks food, helping you easily achieve perfect cooking results. The water tank of the GORENJE steaming and baking oven is designed as an external water inlet device. The water tank does not occupy the internal space and increases the usable volume of the oven cavity. The enamel inner wall is easy to clean, and AquaClean can clean the entire inner cavity surface and baking pan in just 30 minutes. Steam ovens with the above specifications on the market often cost at least $20,000 to 30,000. If your budget is about $15,000, this high-quality steam oven is definitely worth buying.


French designer Ora Ïto has won the favor of international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, Gucci, Swatch, and Apple with her outstanding design works. Afterward, Ora Ïto cooperated with the home appliance brand Gorenje to jointly create the "Futuristic Kitchen" series of products. The exterior design of this series was designed by Ora-ïto himself, showing an avant-garde futuristic style.




$20,000 budget:

Gorenje BCS747S34X built-in steam oven

Electrolux 蒸焗爐

Made in Europe and backed by a 3-year warranty, its quality and maintenance are far superior to other brands. 4-layer insulated glass door for added safety. Multiple cooking mode options. Unique water droplet-free steam function, cooking will no longer soak food, helping you easily achieve perfect cooking results. GORENJE steam oven water tank design has an exclusive external water inlet device. The water tank will not occupy the internal cooking space and increase the use volume of the cavity. If your budget is around $20,000, this high-quality steam oven is definitely worth buying.




Electrolux KOAAS31X built-in steam oven

SousVide SousVide Original

The exclusive SousVide sous vide slow cooking mode is derived from the unique secret skills of French famous chefs. Simply seal the ingredients in a vacuum bag and simmer slowly using precise temperature control to perfectly retain the original flavor and nutrition of the ingredients. Steam can completely penetrate the aroma into the ingredients, bringing an unparalleled delicious experience. For example, the popular Japanese slow-cooked barbecued pork can also be made using the Electrolux KOAAS31X steam oven. There is no need to purchase an additional slow-cooking bowl. The Electrolux KOAAS31X built-in steam oven can truly be used for multiple purposes.


SteamPro Professional Steam Temperature Control

This Electrolux steam oven is equipped with SteamPro technology, which can accurately combine steam and temperature control to simulate the cooking environment of a professional kitchen. Steamify® Intelligent Steam Assistant will automatically adjust the optimal steam volume to ensure that food is steamed just right and professional-level delicious dishes are cooked. In addition, the German-made ruggedness and the Swedish brand's high-quality technology have been highly praised by many users.


Food probe accurately controls maturation

This high-quality steam oven is equipped with an excellent food probe function. Just put the probe into the required food and set the ideal temperature, and the steamer and oven will accurately monitor the core temperature of the food. Once the set temperature is reached, the system will automatically prompt and shut down to ensure that the food is cooked to the right level without the need to frequently open the oven door to check. After the food probe accurately controls the temperature and time, you can easily produce perfect results at the level of a professional chef.


-in automatic cooking programs, covering 25 cooking modes, 9 special heating modes, 8 steam heating modes, and 8 heating functions, to cope with various Chinese, Western and Japanese dishes. Even a cooking novice can easily get started and slowly create your own best recipes based on it. Cooking delicious food is no longer difficult.


Humanized design, safe and practical

4-layer insulated glass door, effective heat insulation to prevent burns, safe and reliable. The steam cleaning function allows you to easily remove stubborn oil stains by simply pressing a button to release steam. Child safety lock design to avoid accidental triggering by children. 54 decibel ultra-quiet design, does not affect home life. The new external water-adding design eliminates the need to open the door to add water and the steam will not be lost.


Other specifications

Capacity: 70 liters Opening size: H590 x W560 x D550mm Power consumption: 3500W Accessories: metal grid, baking pan, baking pan, food heat probe, etc. Optional KBV4X vacuum cabinet Made in Germany, 2-year warranty


In general, the Electrolux KOAAS31X 60cm SousVide SteamPro built-in steam oven combines top technology and user-friendly design, equipped with smart food probes, sous vide slow cooking, and other excellent functions. It is definitely the top choice for the kitchen, allowing you to The cooking experience is safer, easier, more professional, and more delicious!





Bosch HSG7584B1

PerfectSteam steam cooking technology

BOSCH's exclusive PerfectSteam technology uses hot steam to cook, which can maintain the original flavor of food and maintain vitamins and minerals. The new enlarged fan works with two-way operation to send hot air evenly throughout the entire oven cavity, ensuring that the ingredients on the four-layer rack are evenly heated to achieve the best baking effect.


Multi-point temperature measurement barbecue needle

The steam oven is equipped with a multi-point temperature-measuring barbecue needle, which can accurately calculate the core temperature of the barbecue. Using multiple high-sensitivity temperature measurement points, the sensor can determine the real-time temperature inside the food, accurate to every degree and every second. To use it, just put the ingredients into the oven, select the correct ingredient type and weight, insert the barbecue needle and start it. The barbecue needle will automatically stop heating when the preset core temperature is reached to avoid overcooking.


4D hot air combined with steam

The combination of 4D hot air and steam in the steam oven can make the ingredients more delicious and evenly heated, while maintaining the unique flavor of each dish. You can cook a variety of ingredients at once, saving time while still being delicious and juicy. In addition to 4D hot air, it also provides a variety of heating modes such as energy-saving hot air, up and down heating, hot air grilling, etc., as well as auxiliary functions such as steaming and thawing to fully meet different cooking needs.


It is worth noting that Bosch’s old model HSG656RS1 steam oven has been discontinued. If this model is damaged in any way, it may cause unnecessary trouble when repairs are needed due to the lack of suitable accessories.



BRANDT BOR7586G (Made in France) 

Pyrolytic High Temperature Pyrolysis Complete Decontamination

The Pyrolytic high-temperature pyrolysis cleaning function is indeed a highlight. It is generally only equipped with traditional ovens, but the French brand Blanc has also introduced this function exclusively on its BKR7580G and BOR7586G steam ovens.


Under high temperatures, grease and residue will be completely decomposed and oxidized, turning into fine ash, which can then be cleaned up with a rag, eliminating the need for tedious manual cleaning. This not only saves time and effort, but also completely removes stubborn stains, leaving the furnace looking brand new.


The cleaning cycle can be selected from the 2-hour standard mode or the energy-saving Eco mode, which is convenient for you to choose according to your actual needs. This unique feature highlights Blanc's excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail as a French-made brand, bringing users an unprecedented convenience experience.


The Pyrolytic high-temperature pyrolysis cleaning function makes this French-made Blanc steam oven not only powerful in cooking, but also easy to clean and maintain. It is an ideal choice that modern families who pursue high-quality life cannot miss.


Quattro Pulse technology for perfectly even heating

Using Bailang's unique Quattro Pulse hot air convection technology, the temperature in the oven is evenly distributed, ensuring that each layer of ingredients can achieve a consistent baking effect. Whether baking or grilling, it can achieve perfect cooking results, so you can grill delicious food every time.


Intelligent assistance, easy control

Built-in smart auxiliary function provides recommended shelf height indication, allowing you to easily monitor the cooking progress. The cooking guide covers up to 93 dishes, from poultry and meat to fish, vegetables and pastries, making it easy for both novices and cooking experts to master.


This Blanc steam oven is not only powerful in function, but also has exquisite craftsmanship and design aesthetics made in France. It will become a great assistant in your kitchen, making every meal full of surprise and deliciousness. Choose the BKR7580G 45cm built-in steam oven now and enjoy a new cooking experience that is healthy, delicious and convenient!





IQ700 steam oven

This IQ700 steam oven combines many advanced functions and designs. First of all, it has the pulseSteam function that intelligently adds steam to keep food crispy, juicy and tender. Through the TFT Touchdisplay touch display, users can easily operate and master the cooking process. In addition, the roastingSensor and bakingSensor functions ensure that food is cooked to perfection.


Multi-point temperature measurement barbecue needle

This steamer oven also has RoastingSensor Plus multi-point temperature measurement roasting needle, equipped with ecoClean® Plus coated back panel, temperature recommendation and actual temperature display, heating temperature control, long-term keep warm mode, descaling, automatic water temperature detection, baking Features include drying function, automatic cooking program, clock with alarm function, control panel safety lock, safety shutdown function, residual temperature display, start button, door opening and closing sensor system, stainless steel fan and rapid heating.


In addition, to improve convenience, the HS636GDS2 provides an electronic telescopic knob, an inner surface cavity EA design, and an inner glass door sealed design to maintain temperature and humidity. It also features automatic temperature recommendations, actual temperature display and temperature rise control to ensure the accuracy of the cooking process.


It is worth noting that the old model HS636GDS2 steam oven from SIEMENS has been discontinued. If this model is damaged in any way, it may cause unnecessary trouble when repairs are needed due to the lack of suitable accessories.




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