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With a variety of steam ovens, steamers, and steam cabinets available in the Hong Kong market, many people want to know which steam oven is practical and cost-effective, and what are the differences between these steam ovens with varying prices? Based on our experience selling hundreds of steam ovens, the following four conditions are essential to consider before buying a steam oven:
  1. Should you choose a countertop or a built-in steam oven?
  2. How do you determine the size of the steam oven you need?
  3. Apart from steaming food, do you need any special features?
  4. Finally, find the best steam oven model within your budget!
Let's answer each of these questions about steam ovens and recommend the best steam ovens for budgets ranging from HKD2,000 to HKD20,000 based on expert advice and opinions from over 30 real users.


Why Buy a Steam Oven Instead of Using a Regular Pot for Steaming?!


Why should I buy a steam oven to help with steaming dishes when we usually use a pot to steam water eggs or any dishes at home? A pot costs only a few hundred dollars, so why should I spend thousands on a steam oven?

Now, let's answer these questions!!!


Simple Operating Principle of Steam Ovens

The operating principle of a steam oven is quite straightforward. First, steam ovens generally have a removable water tank. Users fill this tank with water to start steaming food. When the oven is on, the heat in the oven converts the water into steam, which then heats the food. Steam is particularly suitable for making delicate and light dishes, such as scallops or bread. Many people also use steam to cook vegetables, fish, and meat or reheat leftover rice and dishes while adding moisture to them. Additionally, steam ovens have exhaust ports to release heat and excess steam. One of the major concerns for many customers when purchasing a steam oven is the location of the exhaust port, as this greatly affects the installation position and kitchen layout. We will explain this in more detail later.


Key Points to Consider When Purchasing a Steam Oven


Built-In or Countertop Steam Ovens

Depending on the installation method, there are built-in and countertop steam ovens available in the market. A built-in steam oven is generally recommended if your kitchen is newly renovated or allows for it. The biggest advantage is a more aesthetically pleasing kitchen with a better use of space. Also, there is no need to worry about children or pets touching wires or sockets. Built-in steam ovens typically have larger oven cavity sizes, starting from 30 or 40 liters, and can go up to 80 liters or more. On the other hand, countertop models offer flexible installation. They only need to be connected to a power outlet and have enough space for heat dissipation, making them suitable for rental housing or kitchens with limited space.


Size/Capacity of Steam Ovens

Customers often ask about the size of steam ovens, but what is more important than the physical size is the capacity along with the space reserved for heat dissipation, as this directly affects the size and quantity of food you can steam at a time. Countertop steam ovens on the market generally range from 20 to 30 liters, while built-in models range from 30 to 80 liters. When considering capacity, base your decision on your regular cooking habits, such as the amount of food you cook (determined by the number of people) and the type of dishes. Generally, we recommend choosing 30 liters or more if space allows, as many customers tend to cook more complex and larger portions after buying a steam oven (e.g., family growth or hosting guests). As for heat dissipation space, it affects the actual installation position in your kitchen.



Additionally, the number of shelves in steam ovens varies from one to four layers, with more shelves allowing you to steam more dishes at the same time.


Functions of Steam Ovens

Apart from steaming, the main features of steam ovens or microwave steam ovens include additional baking and microwaving functions. These two-in-one or three-in-one ovens are very suitable for Hong Kong people who want to use space efficiently, as one appliance can already perform the functions of a microwave, oven, and steamer. However, be mindful that some features may be compromised, such as the baking function not being as powerful as a traditional oven and potentially requiring longer baking times. Additionally, many steam oven models also have preset programs for bread fermentation, slow cooking, defrosting, preheating (steam/baking), warming, sterilization, etc.

Exhaust Position, Heat Dissipation Space, and Installation Notes for Steam Ovens

Before purchasing a steam oven, remember to consider not only the dimensions of the appliance but also the space required for installation, including heat dissipation and the position of the exhaust port. The advantage of a front exhaust is that less space is needed at the back of the oven, but the hot air will be expelled from the front. A rear exhaust port can prevent the front of the oven from getting too hot. Additionally, for built-in steam ovens, consider the routing of electrical wires and the position of sockets. Salespersons or product descriptions will usually explain these installation notes to you.


Cleaning Methods

Anyone who has used an oven knows that cleaning is an important routine. If you choose the wrong steam oven, the difficulty of cleaning can discourage or even stop you from using the appliance. Generally, steam ovens are very easy to clean as they have built-in automatic cleaning functions. You just need to add water and 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar to the tank, then turn on the oven and wait for about 30-40 minutes. Some models on the market also have easy-to-clean interior coatings as a selling point, allowing you to wipe away dirt and grime easily.


Preheating Time of Steam Ovens

Another concern for many people when purchasing a steam oven is the preheating time. Often, recipes specify that the users must preheat the steam oven to a certain temperature before adding ingredients for steaming or baking. So, what exactly are the preheating times for various popular steam ovens? BBE has conducted a series of real tests to present the preheating times of various steam ovens most accurately.


Exclusive Test Video of Built-In Steam Ovens



Tests are conducted in the BBE showroom to evaluate the ovens’ user-friendliness, preheating time, safety, usable capacity of the oven cavity, efficiency, and more. Tested steam oven brands include Siemens, Bosch, Whirlpool, Cristal, and Gorenje.




Common Questions About Buying a Steam Oven


Q: What are the advantages of steam cooking compared to microwaving or baking?

A: A steam oven cooks faster than a conventional convection oven, and some models are even faster than microwave ovens. Often, we discard leftover food. Even if leftovers are reheated in a microwave, they lose flavor and become very dry and hard. A steam oven solves this problem. Additionally, steam can restore the original moisture of your food, making it taste as fresh as when it was first cooked. Steam ovens are very hot and can cook chicken thoroughly in 20 minutes. Not only do steam ovens cook food quickly, but they also preserve nutrients and improve taste and texture. Some dishes, like soups, steamed eggs, and boiled eggs, can only be cooked in a steam oven.


Q: What are the differences between a steam oven, a steam-convection oven, and a microwave steam oven?

A: In Hong Kong, where kitchen space is limited, multi-functional steam ovens have become increasingly popular. They are often named similarly, but the most important features generally include combinations of "steam," "bake," and "microwave." Traditional steam ovens have only the steam function; steam-convection ovens combine the functions of a steam oven and a traditional oven; microwave steam ovens add microwave functionality. The most popular and widely used oven out of these three choices is the steam-convection oven.


Q: How does a steam oven differ from a water oven?

A: They are different in operating principle and application. "Water oven" is a term that originated from the Japanese brand Sharp. It cooks at temperatures ranging from 100°C to 340°C using "superheated steam" technology and has microwave functionality. Water ovens typically have a capacity of 25 to 30 liters and may need water added every half hour, making them more suitable for simpler cooking tasks. Steam ovens combine the functions of an oven and a steam cooker, capable of baking food. They cook at lower temperatures than water ovens, ranging from several tens to about 100°C, but they can steam for longer periods. They are particularly good for Hong Kong favorites like stewed soups, steamed fish, and even rice cakes, and also for baking desserts. Their capacity can go up to 70 liters or more, making them suitable for larger kitchens and customers who enjoy diverse cooking styles.


For more information on water ovens, you can refer to "Water Oven, Light Oven, and Air Fryer Prices and Comparisons."


Top 5 Steam Ovens of 2023


Electrolux Built-in Steam oven KOAAS31X

This model retains the advantages of the previous generation, like Sous Vide low-temperature slow cooking, food probe, external removable water tank, etc., and adds features like SteamPro, Steamify, Chinese user interface, and up to 260 automatic programs. It's easy to use and very intuitive.


SIEMENS CP269AGS0K 36L Built-in 7-in-1 Stream Oven with Microwave

Demonstrated by guest host Calvin, this model can cook three dishes in less than 30 minutes, including steam, bake, and microwave functions. It has a Chinese interface and #iRecipe, the smart Chinese and Western recipes, making it convenient for Hong Kong people with different tastes.


Gorenje Built-in Compact Steam Iven BCS598S24X

Inspired by traditional wood-fired ovens, this model heats food evenly on all sides. It's capable of baking food on all five layers simultaneously, thanks to its MultiFlow 360˚ hot-air ventilation system.


Whirlpool 4S Combi Steamer

Combining functions of a microwave, oven, steam cooker, slow cooker, fryer, air dryer, dough fermenter, and baby bottle sterilizer, this model is a popular choice. It offers great value for money with its new features like slow cooking, air drying, and independent upper and lower heat control, all within a budget of 5,000. As an authorized Whirlpool distributor, BBE often collaborates with Whirlpool to host cooking demonstrations with steam ovens, and participants always praise their multifunctionality and convenience. There is also a smaller model of this appliance, the cs1250, which has basically the same functions but with a reduced capacity of 25 liters due to the smaller size of the unit.


Electrolux Built-in Steam Oven KVBAS21WX for Small Kitchens

Equipped with a food probe, it allows you to monitor the cooking progress easily. The oven automatically shuts off when the food is done, saving time and worry. It has a large fan and air guide design to ensure even heating. The oven also features an external water injection system, eliminating the need to open the oven to add water, reducing the risk of injury while maintaining stable humidity and temperature. The steam oven offers three different steam cooking modes, suitable for various dishes, making cooking easier. In summary, the Electrolux KVBAS21WX steam oven simplifies cooking, allowing you to prepare delicious meals easily.


Expert and Real User Recommendations for Steam Ovens (Updated May 2023)

Popular countertop steam oven brands include Panasonic and Whirlpool, while built-in steam ovens are best from brands like Gorenje, CRISTAL, Bosch, and Electrolux. BBE has sold over ten thousand steam ovens over the years and gathered a lot of feedback from real users. Based on expert opinion and user feedback, we recommend the following steam ovens for their usability and value for money.


Entry-Level Countertop Steam Oven

Panasonic NU-SC180W Steam Oven

Despite its price of less than HKD3,000 dollars, this model is equipped with all the basic functions needed for a steam oven, allowing you to experience its various advantages. The 20-liter capacity can be used for low-temperature steaming, medium-temperature steaming (original steam), stewing, healthy frying, fermenting, baking, and steam baking, making it suitable for beginners or those who already have other kitchen appliances and have limited kitchen space. However, it is important to note that a larger space is required for installation: 20 centimeters above the product, 5 centimeters on each side, and a 10-centimeter gap at the back for air circulation.


Budget Under HKD5,000

WHIRLPOOL 4S Combi Steamer CS2320


The Whirlpool CS2320, combined with the functions of a microwave, oven, steam cooker, slow cooker, fryer, air dryer, dough fermenter, and baby bottle sterilizer, is a popular model in Hong Kong. Compared to the previous model MAX209S, this new generation has added a variety of practical features, including slow cooking, air drying, and more flexible independent upper and lower fire control. Its countertop design easily fits any kitchen layout, offering great value for its price under HKD5,000. As an authorized Whirlpool dealer, BBE frequently collaborates with Whirlpool to conduct steam oven cooking demonstrations; its steam ovens are universally praised for their multifunctionality and convenience. There's also a smaller model, the CS1250, with similar functions but a reduced capacity of 25 liters.


Selected Model from HKD8,000 to HKD12,000

WHIRLPOOL W7MS450 W Collection Built-In Compact 6th Sense Steam Oven

The W7MS450 built-in steam oven from Whirlpool, a hundred-year-old American brand, is one of the hottest and most value-for-money models this year. It's one of the Italian-made built-in steam ovens priced at around HKD10,000 Yuan on the market. It features 11 cooking modes and 43 preset modes, which are easy for even novice chefs to use. Its steam mode does not emit high-temperature steam at the front, making it safer and more reliable for homes with children or open kitchens. BBE is currently promoting a trade-in price where you can get a European-made built-in steam oven at a few thousand Hong Kong dollars, offering excellent value for money.


Selected Model from HKD5,000 to HKD10,000

CRISTAL C-S58GXH 58L Built-in Steam Oven

For HKD8,000, you can purchase the latest C-S58GXH from the Italian brand CRISTAL. The steam oven has a large 58-liter capacity with a 3-layer stainless steel interior, allowing users to choose shelf positions for optimal cooking results freely. It has 12 modes, including upper grilling, upper and lower grilling, hot air convection, pure steam, tender grilling, high-temperature steam, chef function, keep warm, defrosting, fermentation, sterilization, cleaning, and descaling, making it easy to cook any dish.


Selected Models from HKD12,000 to HKD15,000

SIEMENS CS589ABSOH Siemens Built-in 3-in-1 steam oven

The 45 cm built-in steam oven iQ300 Series features an LCD display and touch function, a 3-layer cool-touch glass door, built-in cooling fan, 4-layer tray stainless steel cavity, and eight heating modes: intensive steam cooking (110C), steaming, hot air, hot air grilling, full grilling, defrosting, reheating, and fermentation. The LCD display and touch function, 3-layer cool-touch glass door, built-in cooling fan, 4-layer tray stainless steel cavity, and special features like a residual heat display and safety sensor system, grilling program/additional features, and hot air grilling with added steam function, making it a superior choice. It also offers 25 automatic cooking programs equipped with an alarm clock function.


GORENJE BCS547ORAW BCS547ORAB Built-in Compact Steam Oven

Designed by a famous designer, this model stands out for its unique European-made quality and a 3-year warranty, surpassing other brands. It features a 3-layer insulated glass door for safety, a meat probe thermometer, and various steam cooking options. Its unique anti-drip steam function makes cooking easier, preventing food from getting soggy. The GORENJE steam oven's water tank design includes a unique external water input device, which does not occupy internal cooking space but increases the usable volume. Its enamel-coated interior is easy to clean. Normally, steam ovens with these specifications are priced between HKD20,000 to HKD30,000. If your budget is around 15,000 Yuan, this high-quality steam oven is definitely worth considering.


Selected Model for Budget of HKD20,000

GORENJE BCS747S34X Built-In Steam Oven

Electrolux 蒸焗爐

European-made with a 3-year warranty, this model outperforms other brands in terms of quality assurance. It has a 4-layer insulated glass door for safety and multiple steam cooking options. Its unique anti-drip steam function helps you achieve perfect cooking results without soaking the food. The GORENJE steam oven's water tank design includes an external water input device, maximizing internal cooking space. If your budget is around HKD20,000, this high-quality steam oven is definitely a worthy investment.


Top-of-the-Line Choice:

Electrolux KOAAS31X Built-in Steam Oven

Many people find cooking challenging, and even experienced homemakers often struggle with issues like heat control. This time, we present a SOUS VIDE built-in electric steam oven that can be your reliable assistant and even transform you into a master chef.


The key selling point of Electrolux's steam oven is its Steamily® function, making it easier to create delicious dishes. It is praised for its durability and high-quality technology. The oven automatically adjusts the temperature to what you usually use, ensuring your food is cooked perfectly. Another highlight is low-temperature slow cooking, a technique that both Western and Chinese cuisine enthusiasts will appreciate. This exclusive sous vide technology was developed by a French chef. With extensive cooking experience, he discovered that sealing ingredients in a vacuum bag and then slow-cooking them at a low temperature could keep the ingredients tender and flavorful. This steam oven uses the principle of low-temperature slow cooking, allowing you to use sealed vacuum bags to steam food, herbs, and spices at low temperatures. The oven also has independently controllable heating coils, bottom heating, fans, and steam, allowing you to have precise control over the oven's temperature and humidity.


It offers various cooking modes, including upper and lower heating, grilling, and bottom heating, meeting all your baking needs. The heating, steam, and combined heating and steam modes ensure the moisture of the ingredients and satisfy your roasting needs. In the combined mode, it can automatically adjust to the correct combination of heating and steam. The built-in meat probe will remind you to turn off the oven when it reaches the ideal cooking level (e.g., rare, medium, well-done). The smart service aims to make it easy for you to cook mouthwatering dishes.


You don't have to worry even if you're a novice cook. This oven is easy to use, with a color touchscreen that is practical and visually appealing. In addition to the pre-set smart recipes that automatically adjust cooking temperature and time, you can refer to the oven's selection navigation system, which provides up to 260 cooking programs. The recommended cooking methods for ingredients will ensure that you are not confused but can instead learn and create your best recipes based on them. Moreover, this oven is also known for its user-friendly cooking and convenient storage features, which are additional selling points of this appliance. Vacuum bags can ensure long-lasting freshness and prevent cross-contamination and odors without oxygen and moisture. It can also effectively store ingredients in the limited space of the refrigerator, saving storage space.


Furthermore, the oven's cleaning function avoids the drawback of difficult-to-clean oil stains. The oven's built-in steam cleaning function will remind you on the screen when it needs to be activated. The released steam can effectively break down oil stains, making cleaning the oven no longer a daunting task. After prompting to clean the limescale, it will automatically lock the steam function, reminding you to clean the limescale regularly to ensure clean cooking. The oven excels not only in steam cooking and cleaning functions but also in user-friendly design. The operating noise level is 54dB, ensuring silent cooking during the steaming process. The built-in Velvet Closing system ensures the door closes gently, making it easy to open and close the oven. The long-life TFT display screen can avoid the short lifespan of electronic screens. The child safety lock on PANEL ensures the safety of children at home, preventing lively and curious children from getting hurt.


The four-layer glass door can prevent overheating outside the door. Compared to the typical double-layer glass door design, it is more heat-resistant, ensuring our safety and preventing heat loss, making full use of firepower, and effectively cooking delicious food. The newly designed external water addition device only requires a press and a pull, and you can add water anytime and anywhere without opening the oven door. The steam inside the oven will not be lost, tightly locking the heat and effectively avoiding the drawbacks of other ovens in the past. Whether it's an easy and simple operation and basic cooking needs or complex master-level cooking needs, the Electrolux KOAAS31X built-in electric steam oven can meet all customer needs. So whether you want to try simple home-cooked dishes or gourmet feasts with a high level of difficulty, this oven can perfectly handle all kinds of tasks and is an indispensable helper for you!


Top-of-the-Line Choice:

Bosch HSG7584B1

Firstly, the multi-point temperature probe allows you to monitor the doneness of your food perfectly. Multiple highly sensitive temperature points enable the meat probe to calculate the core temperature of the roast accurately. After precise temperature and time control, you no longer need to open the oven door to check the ingredients constantly. Simply place the meal in the oven, select the correct food category and weight from the menu, then insert the PerfectRoast meat probe and press Start. Multiple sensitive measurement points help the sensor determine the core temperature inside the ingredients accurately to a few degrees and seconds. Whether baking, microwaving, or steaming, the PerfectRoast function ensures you have the best results every time. It effortlessly brings perfect results like a professional chef, especially suitable for dishes containing lean meat, fat, or bone within the same portion. Even if the insertion angle is not accurate enough, it can still cook normally. The steam oven stops heating when the lowest temperature detection point reaches the preset core temperature, eliminating the over-drying or charring problem.


Secondly, Bosch's exclusive PerfectSteam technology uses hot steam to cook food. Not only does it make food tender and juicy, but it also locks in vitamins and minerals, preserving the natural flavor of the food. Regardless of where the ingredients are placed on the four-level oven rack, the new large fan and two-way rotation evenly distribute hot air throughout the oven, allowing you to easily complete baking on all four levels simultaneously. Even if you're unsure which level to use, you can achieve the best baking results.


When these two functions are combined, 4D hot air and steam can better assist you in cooking. This allows you to not only make the ingredients tastier and evenly heated but also cook multiple dishes at once while maintaining their unique flavors. It saves time and ensures that the ingredients are delicious and juicy, providing multiple enjoyment at once. The heating modes are not limited to 4D hot air; there are also energy-saving hot air, upper and lower heating, energy-saving hot air, hot air grilling, full-surface grilling, intensive grilling, and defrosting frozen food, among many other heating modes. In addition, heating functions such as steaming, reheating, fermentation, and defrosting meet all your baking, roasting, and defrosting needs.


Furthermore, the new generation EcoClean Direct self-cleaning mode simplifies the cleaning process. The self-cleaning material covers the entire wall surface and corners of the oven, eliminating stubborn grease that is difficult to clean. As it does not require an additional heating attachment to achieve cleaning results, it not only saves energy but also saves heating area. More importantly, the EcoClean Direct self-cleaning mode applies special ceramic microparticles directly to the inner wall of the steam oven. When baking or grilling, the self-cleaning wall coating simultaneously breaks down oil stains, and fine ceramic particles absorb residual oil and break it down during the next heating cycle, allowing the steam oven to maintain cleanliness in the long term automatically. What makes this inner wall coating special is its ability to absorb grease and stains directly and use oxidation to break them down. A simple wipe of the bottom and the inside of the glass door makes cleaning effortless. Each time the oven is heated, the special coating automatically regenerates and continues to do so within the machine's lifespan, making it environmentally friendly and hygienic.


In addition to these features, this steam oven is also equipped with basic safety measures and advanced features. These include a control panel safety lock, a sealed inner glass door, a sensor system for door opening and closing, and a safety shutdown function, preventing issues such as overheating of the glass door, accidental mode selection, or incomplete door closure. It ensures safe cooking and has a TFT touchscreen display for easy and intuitive navigation.


Top-of-the-Line Choice:

Siemens HS636GDS2

The essence of this steam oven can be found in the entire IQ700 series, featuring the intelligent pulseSteam function, which keeps food crispy, juicy, and tender. You can easily operate it through the TFT Touchdisplay, allowing you to master the cooking process. Moreover, the roastingSensor and bakingSensor functions ensure your food is cooked perfectly.


The special ecoClean Plus interior coating makes cleaning effortless and environmentally friendly. This oven is rated as A+ for energy efficiency, saving energy, and helping to preserve the environment. Additionally, it offers 13 cooking modes, encompassing 4D, energy-saving hot air mode, upper and lower heat, and hot air grilling, to meet various cooking needs.


It provides convenient electronic retractable knobs, an interior cavity with EA design, a sealed inner glass door to maintain temperature and humidity, automatic temperature suggestions, actual temperature display, temperature control, and more. Additionally, the oven features Sabbath mode, automatic descaling, automatic boiling point detection, and bottom-cushioned door hinges to ensure a safe and user-friendly experience.


In summary, the Siemens HS636GDS2 steam oven, with its outstanding performance and multifunctional design, offers more possibilities for your cooking while making cleaning easier. Whether you're a professional chef or a home kitchen enthusiast, this oven will become an indispensable kitchen assistant, delivering delicious cooking results.


2017 Consumer Council Steam Oven Test Results


Steam ovens are currently one of the most popular multifunctional household appliances, combining steaming functions with the requirement for healthy eating. Therefore, the Consumer Council recently tested eight different steam ovens with varying prices and surprisingly found that there was not much difference in scores between expensive and affordable models. The following will quote the Consumer Council's test report to provide advice for customers choosing steam ovens.


Consumer Council Steam Oven Test Range


The Consumer Council, in collaboration with the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, tested eight steam ovens on the market, with prices ranging from HKD1,988 to HKD6,300. The tests evaluated their performance, environmental impact, safety, surface temperature control, ease of use, and the degree of claimed compliance. Since steam ovens are cooking appliances, cooking tests were specifically added this time to compare the color and taste of food cooked in different steam ovens.


Steam Oven Cooking Speed


First, let's look at the test results for the "steaming" and "baking" performance of steam ovens. The Consumer Council tested the steaming speed of steam ovens using frozen peas to see if the glass containers inside the steam ovens at five positions could quickly reach 85°C. The test results showed significant differences between different models of steam ovens, with times ranging from 28 to 63 minutes. In terms of baking speed, four steam ovens in the test were able to reach the preheating temperature in just 8.5 minutes. Only one model in the test took more than 30 minutes and still did not reach the set temperature.


Steam Oven Cooking Results


The most important aspects of cooking appliances are the color and texture of food. Testers used steam ovens to cook cupcakes, peas, broccoli, and seafood-baked rice. They found that one of the oven samples had uneven temperature distribution, resulting in a significant difference in the color of the cupcakes. The steamed broccolis cooked by the samples all appeared slightly yellowish. However, all samples were able to bake delicious seafood rice with no clear difference in taste. The Consumer Council advises that if consumers have higher requirements for food, they should carefully consider the oven's temperature and cooking time.


Steam Oven Capacity


Regarding the claimed compliance with steam oven conditions, the Consumer Council found that the actual capacity of the oven cavity listed by most manufacturers differs from the actual capacity. Except for Whirlpool's CS2320, which has the same capacity as claimed (32 liters), the actual capacity of other steam ovens is less than the claimed capacity. The capacities of two steam ovens were found to be 25% less than their claimed capacity. According to the Consumer Council's explanation, manufacturers may include the position of heating wires installed on the upper and lower parts of the steam oven in the capacity calculation. But since food cannot be placed there, it should not be counted as "usable space." Consumers should pay attention to whether the selected oven's capacity is sufficient for daily cooking.


Steam Oven vs. Induction Cooker: Power Saving Test


In terms of environmental performance, steam ovens are high-power electrical appliances and are frequently used. Therefore, if customers choose energy-efficient products, they are not only environmentally friendly but also save electricity bills. Apart from gas cookers, most Hong Kong people currently use induction cookers for cooking. The Consumer Council compared the electricity consumption of cooking with steam ovens and induction cookers. The test results showed that steam ovens can consume much less electricity than induction cookers. Steam ovens consume an average of 0.26 kWh of electricity, while induction cookers consume 0.543 kWh. Steam ovens use nearly half as much electricity, and based on a rate of HKD1.2 per kWh, using a steam oven can save an average of HKD124 in electricity bills per year. It can be seen that steam ovens have good energy efficiency, and users who want to save on electricity bills can use steam ovens instead of induction cookers.


After comparing various scores, it was found that although there are different models and prices of steam ovens in the Hong Kong market, three had similar performance. They are the Whirlpool CS2320, Panasonic NU-SC100W, and Gemini GS017G. Among them, the Whirlpool CS2320 is the top choice.


Consumer Council's Tips for Using Steam Ovens

The Consumer Council also provides tips for using steam ovens:

  • Since steam ovens have higher power, they should be used in a particular socket.
  • Leave ventilation space at the back and top of the machine, and avoid placing it near curtains, plastic, or combustible materials.
  • Be cautious of the high temperatures of the heating wires and surfaces inside the oven. Do not use abrasive cleaning products to clean the glass surface of the oven door to prevent glass from breaking.
  • Avoid touching the oven surface during cooking, and do not let children use or touch it on their own.
  • After use, clean the removable grills or pans. Wipe the heating tube and inner wall with a soft cloth. Do not use a wire brush for cleaning to avoid scratching the surface and causing rust.

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