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Steam oven is a hot option nowadays as it provide a healthy way to heat up your food. And the scientific basis for the use of steam cooking has a history of several centuries.

The earliest use of steam cooking was recorded in ancient China. Chefs filled pots with hot water, then put them in a reed basket, and again put them into hot water for steaming. After that, the French invented the pressure cooker in 1950s, which was a very convenient way to prepare meat and vegetables.

Many restaurants use steam to make food in recent years, using such method for cooking is very quick and it can keep food warm until it is served. Some household brands of electrical appliances would manufacture steam ovens now, so you may use steam cooking technology to produce food at home with ease.

Working mechanism of steam oven

When the oven is in operation, heat from the oven would turn water into steam in order to heat food up. Most of the steam ovens have a removable storage tank and you need to fill it up with water before use. Some advanced models can deliver water with a supply pipe directly. There is a valve to release the pressure inside the steam oven, which makes it very similar to pressure cookers or water heaters. Steam cooking is very suitable for the production of fine and delicate food such as a scallop or a loaf of bread. Many people also like to cook vegetables, fish, and meat with steam or to heat leftovers in order to make them a bit moister.


Efficiency of steam oven

A steam oven allows faster cooking than a usual convection oven, steaming oven. Some models of steam ovens are even faster than microwave cooking. Usually, lots of our food leftovers will be thrown away immediately. They would lose taste and become very dry if we use a microwave oven to heat it up, steaming oven can solve such issues. Steam cooking can restore moisture of your food so it is almost as delicious as it was when it was freshly cooked. Steam oven is capable to reach very high temperatures. It can cook a chicken thoroughly within 20 minutes. Apart from cooking food quickly, steam oven do not destroy food nutrition and your food can have better flavor and taste.


Heathly lifestyle by using steam oven

Steam cooking is the healthiest way to cook food. Healthy lifestyle is highly esteemed nowadays and your eating habits depend greatly on how your food is prepared. Steam cooking can preserve the original natural flavor of vegetables. You do not need to add salt or artificial flavors to make delicious dishes. Comparing it with frying and boiling, steam cooking retains 50% more of vitamin C, it preserves the natural taste and nutrition, reduces the oxidation of food.


Versatility of steam oven

Another great advantage of steam oven is that we have different size of steam oven. Steam oven can be the same size of ordinary oven, or be as small as a microwave oven. And you can eat a variety of food cooked in a variety of ways: you can use different method to prepare food such as cook, bake, roast, grill, steam, defrost. Those advantages turn steam oven into the most versatile choice.


Cleanability of steam oven

Steam oven is extremely easy to clean as it has a built-in automatic cleaning function. You only need to fill the tank with water, and then add 2-3 spoons of white vinegar, start up the furnace. After 30-40 minutes, it will be as clean as a new one.


Recommendation of steam oven

BBE sells steam ovens from the greatest manufacturers such as Gaggenau, Whirlpool and Bosch. Those manufacturers is well-known for their good quality and highly durable kitchen appliances. We introduce you there of them:


Bosch HSG656RS1

Bosch steam oven

Bosch is one of our favorite noble brands. It has been leading the market constantly in Europe. This German manufacturing oven has a total capacity of 71 liters plus by 30% more stingy energy efficiency than the A-class, 14 kinds of preset cooking functions are absolute enough for various uses. Purchasing at BBE includes two years of manufacturer's warranty.




Gaggenau steam oven


It is made in Germany and it have the most powerful baking power on the market (3500W).You may bake your food perfectly using Steamify , Sous-vide and Food probe。KOAAS31X  also has water filler tube design so you do not need to interrupt the cooking process for adding water.
Feature :

The Steamily® function makes creating delicious dishes even easier. Enter the cooking

temperature that you would usually use and the oven automatically adjusts seltings,meaning your food is steamed to perfection.

Perfect the art of sous-vide

"Unlock excellence and sous-vide at home. Accurately controlled temperatures are the key to sous-vide, and thanks to our precise technology, they are now simple to achieve. Vacuum-sealed bags enhance flavours, while steam preserves taste and nutrients. "

Precision cooking with our Food Sensor

Thanks to our Food Sensor, you can achieve perfect results every time. It lets you monitor the cooking process by measuring the core temperature of the food. It will even let you know when your food has been cooked to the desired temperature and stop cooking.

Cristal C-S58GXH 

Under  HKG10000 Budget
58L large capacity 3-layer glass door Auto lift up front panel with LED display It provide 2 years maintenance


Gorenje BCS747S34X


Gorjenje 蒸焗爐


It is made in Europe and it have the most powerful baking power on the market (3400W).You may bake your food perfectly using PureSteam and MultiSteam。BCS747S34X also has water filler tube design so you do not need to interrupt the cooking process for adding water. It provide 3 years maintenance

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要求嵌入式蒸氣焗爐前面板和櫥櫃櫃體之間要留有一定的空隙用於空氣流通, 一般不少於200立方厘米。所有的通風孔隙或通風口都不可以被遮蓋,否則會影響嵌入式蒸氣焗爐的使用性能 嵌入式蒸焗爐專業的散熱技術應該是廚櫃的前方散熱。前方散熱的散熱孔將嵌入式蒸焗爐發熱元件的熱量從嵌入式蒸焗爐前端迅速排出,不會影響櫥櫃內則的板材。有的嵌入式蒸焗爐還會採用三向散熱技術,這三個散熱孔也都是在嵌入式蒸焗爐門的上面和兩側,也屬於前方散熱的專業的嵌入式蒸焗爐應該還會有智能延時散熱系統,通俗的說就是, 嵌入式蒸焗爐工作結束之後,散熱系統仍然會持續工作,幫助嵌入式蒸焗爐散熱。所以使用嵌入式蒸焗爐之後不要馬上切斷電源,等機器再持續散熱一段時間。建議不要選擇側壁和嵌入式蒸焗爐背部有散熱孔的嵌入式蒸焗爐~

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視乎蒸焗爐或電磁爐牌子,大多數歐洲品牌都可以,就算可以都要留意以下幾點 1/與煮食路下方保持至少10厘米的距離,保證櫥櫃內部的通風; 2/進氣管建議使用金屬波紋管 3/機器頂部最好能用阻燃板/隔熱板與煮食路分隔開 標準跟代理指引最可靠

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