Return Policy

  1. All Brand New goods
  2. 7 days returns policy. **
  3. Original factory warranty by Hong Kong Agent on all goods

*. Customers must go through the formalities in our showroom. 

*. All the return goods must be checked by the agents, confirm it doesn't from a man-caused damage. 

*. Returns can be only with same model, Colour and Size. 

*. Customers need to return all the free gift and the offer which comes with the goods. If it's missing or used/broken, you might need to pay the equal amount of it.

*. Refund method only can pay as how you pay for.

** If some products are found to have factory defects after inspection, customers can replace products of the same model within seven days
     (except for certain designated brands and accessories). Customers must bring the products to the store to arrange inspection and replacement.
     BBE as a retailer, all guarantee content and process depend on the brand or agent.

We try hard to make every item in stock, if it's out of stock, BBE will take a full refund, and we wont take any compensation charge.