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Due to geographical location with abundant rain and humidity, Hong Kong has a high relative humidity consequently. Everyone may have experienced floor and wall seepage. High indoor humidity will not only influence various daily activities for example making it hard to dry clothes, more insects and making electronic products affected with damp and mildew, but also affected physical health. For human bodies, it is generally advised to maintain a relative humidity of 40%-50% for more comfort and health. The simplest way is to use the hygroscopic moisture beads which, however, are only suitable for keeping clothes dry and the dehumidifying effect is not as fine as a good dehumidifier in terms of reducing indoor humidity effectively. Dehumidifiers with different bands, volumes and principles are sold on the market when it will be difficult for customers who are not familiar with dehumidifies to choose.

compression vs desiccant vs mix

Due to different operation principles, the dehumidifier can be divided into 3 types namely compression type, desiccant type and mixed type. We will explain the principle, advantages and disadvantages of each type in detail.

Compression dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers of compression type work best in a warm environment (20℃ or above) whose effect will be damaged in a low temperature. In addition, dehumidifiers of compression type, in comparison to those of burning stone type, are more energy-efficient which will save the electric charge in the long run. Dehumidifiers of compression type will be a good choice for the use in the spring in Hong Kong with a temperature around 20℃. Therefore, there will be more types of ordinary dehumidifiers of compression type to be chosen in Hong Kong.


Desiccant dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers of burning stone type are always designed to be light and quiet. Due to its operation principle, burning stone type will not be affected by the temperature or the humidity with a stable effect even in a low temperature. As another advantage of burning stone type, it will be more suitable if you want to dehumidify rapidly in a short time due to the large power consumption per hour. The electric charge, however, will be high. Most of dehumidifiers of burning stone type are produced with low dehumidifying quantity, being more suitable for small rooms.


Mixed dehumidifier

As the term suggests, dehumidifier of mixed type has combined the operation mechanism of compression type and burning stone and can change the dehumidifying modes automatically according to different temperatures and humidity. But the price is higher than that of burning stone type and compression type with a lower dehumidifying quantity than that of compression type. Families who have higher budget or need to keep their houses dry all year round can consider buying this type.

Capacity of dehumidifier

Each family needs different dehumidifying quantity per day which will be affected by various factors, for instance, the size of house and whether it is close to sea or humid areas. You can estimate daily dehumidifying quantity roughly according to the following table.
Reference chart of capacity
Indoor humidity Size of your home
  150 sq.ft.
(14 sq. meters)
300 sq.ft.
(28 sq. meters)
500 sq.ft.
(46 sq. meters)
700 sq.ft.
(65 sq. meters)
1000 sq.ft.
(93 sq. meters)
1500 sq.ft.
(140 sq. meters)
7L 14L 19-21L 24L 28L 33L
7L 14L 19-21L 24L 28L 33L
11L 18L 24L 28L 33L 42L
More than 1 dehumidifier is suggested
14-18L 19-21L 24-28L 28-33L 33L 42L or above
More than 1 dehumidifier is suggested

other functions

  • Dehumidifiers of compression type have high energy efficiency when all dehumidifiers of compression type must be marked with energy labels. The energy label can be divided into Grade 1-5 in which Grade 1 means the dehumidifier has the highest energy efficiency and energy saving in same dehumidifying quantity.The actual energy efficiency may differ, of course, because the energy labels are calculated upon the material handed over by agents.

  • Some models are equipped with automatic humidity control when the dehumidifiers will turn on or off automatically due to the rise or drop of humidity to solve the problems of frequent update and check on the humidity and to save more energy. It will help more during the sleep.

  • Some models are equipped with air filtration which helps to restrain allergens, allergens and mildew, especially important for people with allergies.

  • Hong Kong people often face the difficult situation that clothes are hard to get dried in the spring while the intelligent drying function can judge whether the clothes have been dried through indoor temperature and humidity.

  • Different models have water containers of different volumes when the large volume can reduce the water changing times.

  • When choosing large or heavy dehumidifiers, you have to pay attention that whether there are castors or handles making it convenient to move.

  • Before purchasing, you have to consider the noise level when noise will be generated due to mechanic parts or ventilating fan, which is very important for customers in need of a quiet home.


Whirlpool launch a new series of Dehumidifier Series with model number DS201NT (20L) and DS241NT (24L) in 2018. The space-saving design with depth at 175mm only makes these dehumidifiers the smallest dehumidifier* in the market. And the 5L large water tank inside can minimize water change by users. Also, they have Independent Laundry mode with IP21 design for hassel-free drying.

*Among all dehumidifiers with capacity between 20L and 28L and is registered under EMSD before 2017/11/1.


Click below image to see new model Whirlpool DS202NF and DS242NF


If you read the article. You will find that Carrier is a great manufacturer of dehumidifier. Including model DC-22DA-X and DC-30KX

DC-22DA-X from Carrier score the best among all dehumidifier. You may choose DC-30KX if you need larger capacity.

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