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Refrigerators are the third largest residential electricity consumption appliance in Hong Kong, which account for 14% of total residential electricity consumption. Normally, a refrigerator can work more than one decade. So, it is necessary to select carefully and listen to professional advice.



Space for refrigerator


For most people, the first step in the purchase of refrigerators must be to assess the size of the space which can be left for refrigerator. In addition to the size of the cabinet body, you must remember to leave some space for both sides of the refrigerator, the back and the top of the refrigerator to keep ventilating and cooling smoothly. It is because if the cooling space is not sufficient, the refrigerator will take longer time to refrigerate, which will waste energy and increase the electricity bill, and may even affect the refrigeration function, so that the refrigerator can not work normally. As for how much space should be reserved, it depends on the model of refrigerator. And the model of refrigerator can be known from the instructions or the salesman when you buy a refrigerator. If you do not leave the space for refrigerator as the requirements told, some brands will not be responsible for the malfunction and refuse to provide maintenance.

In addition, we found in the sale of refrigerators that many customers tend to forget to reserve enough space for opening the refrigerator door! Especially in Hong Kong, the kitchen space is not large, after installation, some customers find that there is no enough space for opening the refrigerator door( the door can only open up to 60 degrees), which is very inconvenient.


Size of the refrigerator


After estimating the space required for the refrigerator, you can then decide how much capacity the new refrigerator needs. The capacities of home refrigerators range from 40 to 400 liters, some even have the capacities of more than 400 liters. The capacity you need depends on you and your family's storage needs and living habits. If there are lot of people in family, you can imagine that bigger space must be prepared for food and storage. On the contrary, for people who live alone, a mini-refrigerator may be sufficient. If you often cook, you will have to reserve more space to store food, or you like hold a party with friends, it is very important for you to reserve more space to place drinks. We've compiled a simple program to make it easier to estimate.


Number of family members Capacity of refrigerator * (liters)
Two members 200 to 230
+25 liters for each additional member
* Only shows the freezer capacity, not including the capacity of the refrigerator.


These can only be used as a rough estimate, there are some other factors you need to take into account. If you have sufficient budget and home space,  buying a larger refrigerator will always have more benefits. Otherwise, we may worry about the capacity of refrigerator when preparing for many people's food. And the use of a large refrigerator will be more effective than the use of two small refrigerator energy. If your kitchen is large enough, choose a large refrigerator that fits your needs and avoid adding a small refrigerator later. It is worth mentioning that if you have the habit of drinking or storing red wine or liquor, you should buy a wine cabinet. You may check this article for choosing a good wine cooler.


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Other factors to conern


Energy efficiency of refrigerators

As mentioned at the beginning, the refrigerator accounted for 14% of household electricity, so the purchase of an energy-saving and environmentally friendly refrigerator can help you reduce electricity costs. In particular, a refrigerator will be used for more than one decade in many families, so the energy efficiency of the refrigerator is relatively more important than the its price. Under the Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme, refrigerators are divided into five grades, and the first grade is the most energy efficient.


In general, double-door refrigerator whose freezer is at the bottom or top is more efficient than the side by side combination refrigerator. However, some advanced refrigerators will have special functions such as energy saving mode or vacation mode. "vacation mode" can be activated when you go on your vacation, then it stays an efficient energy-saving mode of operation. It will also be more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than usual. Although the price is higher,  the ice machine and drinking water plant on the refrigerator doors will make you feel value for money.



High-end refrigerators are equipped with LED, which will provide brighter and more natural light, making it easier for you to view the drinks or food inside of the refrigerator. LED lighting has a better performance than traditional refrigerator light bulbs. It uses less power and distributes less heat. It also makes contribution  to faster and more efficient cooling, and it is not easy to break down. Basically,  you can not change within the entire using cycle of refrigerator.



New-style refrigerators will have anti-bacterial coating on the inner wall of the refrigerator and the doors to prevent the formation of harmful bacteria inside the refrigerator. It can help prevent harmful bacteria from the food, so that food can maintain fresh for a long period. And the most important thing is to provide more healthy food for families.


Fruit and vegetable room

A good fruit and vegetable room is important for maintaining the moisture content of fruits and vegetables, as well as maintaining fresh for a long  period. Fruit and vegetable room can be separated  fruits and vegetables from cold air, which can reduce water loss


Temperature control

Some refrigerators provide advanced temperature control, which allows you to set different temperatures depending on the different areas of the refrigerator. Another feature that needs attention is rapid cooling, which shortens the time to cool the food, and then it can automatically return to the previous temperature setting within  a few hours.


Children 's home security

Many modern refrigerators have a range of features to ensure children safe and secure, which includes safety locks, fountain-safe settings for children and lockable locking features to ensure that children are safe and easy to use refrigerator.


Layout of refrigerator shelves

The capacity of the refrigerator can be different due to the layout of shelves. At the time of purchase, you can consider what food is stored in the refrigerator and how the food is placed to maximize the capacity of the refrigerator. And the plastic or those which are made of a plasticized or better tempered glass layer are easier to clean than a metal wire. Layers can also prevent food or drinks leaking down.


External material

When buying a refrigerator, you should pay attention to the surface material of the refrigerator. This may require you to view by yourself. When choosing  the color preferences color, you should also pay attention to whether the surface of the refrigerator will highlight the stains, fingerprints or small scratches.



Check our "refrigerator brands review" for more information of refrigerators.


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