Refrigerator brands review in Hong Kong

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We already introduced some attentive problems regarding the size and capacity of refrigerator before you purchase one. While we have many customers who are not familiar with different types of refrigerator, and they want to know which brand is reliable and durable. So we are going to introduce advantages of single-door, two-door and multi-door refrigerator, and then we will recommend some reliable refrigerator brands.

Siemens 及 Gaggenau 雪櫃

Comparison of various types of refrigerators


In general, refrigerators can be divided into single-door refrigerator, double-door refrigerator and multi-door refrigerator by the number of doors. Single-door refrigerator usually just has refrigerating chamber, while the most common double-door refrigerator has refrigerating chamber and frozen chamber. And there are 3 types of double-door refrigerator: bottom-freezer refrigerator, top-freezer refrigerator and side by side combination refrigerator. Multi-door refrigerator is generally equipped with refrigerating chamber, frozen chamber and fruit & vegetable chamber. Ware going to explain each type of refrigerator in detail.


Single-door refrigerator

Single-door refrigerator is usually small, and its capacity is relatively small too. As the size of single-door refrigerator is small and it only has refrigerating chamber, you can take it into your consideration only if you live alone or you do not need frozen chamber.

  • Suitable for Hong Kong people, in which the land is very expensive.
  • It has small power consumption.
  • The price of it can be low as $1000


Double-door refrigerator: top-frozen type

Top-frozen refrigerator has been one of the most popular and mainstream designs for decades. It is equipped with a frozen chamber which is in possession of more than 30% space of the entire refrigerator and the frozen chamber is located in the top of the refrigerator. Meanwhile, this refrigerator is also the most cost-effective type, and this refrigerator still provides the basic functions and shelf space required for the refrigerator.

  • Traditional fridge style
  • Compared to other types of refrigerators, this type is usually cheaer
  • The most cost-effective type
  • There are maximum selections (BBE quality warehouse has more than 70 models)


Double-door refrigerator: bottom- frozen type

As the name implies, the underlying frozen type refrigerator is the reverse of the top frozen type refrigerator, and its refrigerator chamber is located above the frozen chamber. As many families use frozen chamber frequently, you can get food and drink without bending. However, families with children will need to keep in mind whether the children will become more likely to open their frozen chamber. Also, this design may cause inconvenience to the short in families, such as the elderly.

  • General food and beverages can be placed on the position at the same level of your eyes
  • Reduce the need to bend over or squat to find food
  • Usually, the frozen chamber is equipped with drawers for easy pull
  • With various of model selections


Double-door refrigerator: side by side combination refrigerator

If you need a large capacity refrigerator, side by side combination refrigerator is the best choice for you. The door design allows you to open the left and right door in the middle. If your kitchen has a narrow passageway (that is a rectangular-designed kitchen), the side by side combination refrigerator will be also the best choice for you, because the door is relatively thin and you need not leave much space as you did for top or bottom type refrigerators. And some refrigerator models will be equipped with external water filters and ice machines and other small equipment. Disadvantage of side by side combination refrigerator is that it cost more money and power than the top-type refrigerator or bottom-type refrigerator.

  • The door of this refrigerator is thin and it does not require much space to open the door
  • As the volume is big and the relative space inside the refrigerator is not too deep, you need not put the food into deep side of the refrigerator, which can make you take food easier
  • Freezer can be at the same level as the eyes, which can reduce the need to bend over or squat low to find food
  • Usually, this refrigerator is equipped with more innovative features, such as external water filter, water dispenser and ice machine
  • Very large capacity


Multi-door refrigerator

Multi-door (including three-door refrigerator) is basically a combination of buttom-type refrigerator and side by side combination refrigerator. This refrigerator can basically meet the needs of all families, it has two doors which can open outward as well as the lower frozen chamber. In terms of the question that whether to buy one or two drawers, it all depends on your own . Because of it large capacity, this refrigerator can store different sizes of food and drink, and it is equipped with a wide shelf which can be used to place Pizza box or any food you want.

  • Refrigerator is at the same level with the eyes, which is easy for you to reach drink and food
  • Extra-wide shelves can hold large plates and pizza boxes
  • When you open the refrigerator, you will find the two doors open outward and do not take up too much kitchen space
  • Depending on the refrigerator you choose, the freezer cabinet will be located underneath and equipped with one or two freezer drawers
  • Usually, this refrigerator is equipped with more innovative equipment, such as external water filter, water dispenser and ice machine
  • The capacity of it is bigger than side by side combination refrigerator



Refrigerator brands recommendation



Hitachi is a Japanese brand that has a history of nearly one hundred years. And it is one of Japan's largest electrical manufacturers. Its refrigerators, air conditioners and even dehumidifiers are recommend by many people. Its sale of refrigerator has been No. 1 for 14 years in Hong Kong sales. If you search on the Internet, you will find that many people appreciate the durability of Hitachi refrigerator, the refrigerator can still work after many years of work. Hitachi refrigerators also provide a series of Japanese-made refrigerator, the quality of them is better than other refrigerators'. The warranty period of Hitachi refrigerator is 5 years, and warranty period of inverter-type compressor is even 10 years, so you can use this refrigerator without worries. You may buy Hitachi refrigerator on BBE to save at least 30%.



Panasonic is another Japanese brand that is popular among the people of Hong Kong. It also provides Japanese-made refrigerators, and it is equipped with ECONAVI intelligent energy-saving technology, which can observe the family lifestyle automatically, and select the most suitable cooling time to save energy more effectively. Similarly, this refrigerator also provides 5- year warranty. Make purchase of this refrigerator on BBE can save at least 25%.



Basically, if you want to buy Japanese-made refrigerator, except Panasonic and Hitachi, the other most popular brand is Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi is the third largest comprehensive motor manufacturer in Japan, and its flagship refrigerator have advanced design and efficient performance. Some of these models are equipped with a special technology named Vitamin C manufacturing plants to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and to lock more vitamin C in those fruits and vegetables. Shopping Mitsubishi refrigerators on BBE can save at least 30%.



With its retro appearance, Italian fashion home appliance brand Smeg captured a lot of users in fashion world. Its refrigerator design abandoned the boring design of traditional black, white and silver. With the combination of colorful appearance and the modern refrigerator technology, it can be the eye-catching appliance in your kitchen. Its classic British flag appearance can light up the people's eyes. Smeg also introduced mini-refrigerator, and if you like special stuff, you can pay attention to this mini refrigerator. There are a range of Smeg refrigerators with an exclusive discount, so welcome to your call.





Finally, we will briefly inform you some things you need notice when using refrigerators in order to assure that you buy and use it with happiness!


When using the refrigerator, you should pay attention to the following things:

  1. If a fridge is too full, it will block the air circulation inside the refrigerator. Thus it will affect the efficiency and make food go bad. But the empty refrigerator will cost more power than the stuffed fridge to refrigerate. If the refrigerator keeps empty for a long time, a few bottles of water can be placed in the refrigerator to preserve the air conditioning.
  2. Please cover food and drinks. Uncovered food or drinks will cause the rise of humidity inside the refrigerator, costing more energy to cool them.
  3. Putting hot food into the refrigerator will require more power to cool the refrigerator and increase the load on the refrigerator. It is recommended to put food into refrigerator after cooling the food in kitchen.
  4. The degree of frozen chamber would better to set to a temperature of 3 degrees Celsius. Each lower 1 degrees, it will consume 5% more energy.
  5. In order to avoid causing more energy consumption and affecting the heat dissipation, do not place the refrigerator to a place that is under the direct sunlight or near the burner.



Should you have any questions regarding choosing or buying a refrigerator. You may contact us via facebook or visit our stores located in Mong Kok, Causeway Bay and Tuen Mun! We will offer you the best price with shipping services.


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