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Refrigerators (also known as fridges/ freezers) rank third in electricity consumption among Hong Kong residents, accounting for 14% of residential power usage. The usage of a well-functioning refrigerator can last up to 20 years, so it’s essential to make a careful decision when purchasing a refrigerator. However, many customers at BBE lack sufficient knowledge about refrigerators, including aspects like cooling, capacity, and reliable brands for selection. In this article, we offer professional advice on refrigerators by comparing their various types and recommending specific brands for your consideration.


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1. Key Points to Consider When Buying a Refrigerator in 2023


Airspace for Cooling

When buying a refrigerator, the first step is generally to assess the space available at their homes. Besides the size of the fridge, it's crucial to leave enough space on the sides, back, and top for ventilation and heat dissipation. Insufficient space can take longer to dissipate heat and consume a higher amount of energy use with increased electricity costs. Over time, this can even affect the cooling function, preventing the refrigerator from working correctly. The amount of space needed depends on the model, so check the manual or ask the salesperson. Note that if you don't leave the required space as per the manufacturer's instructions, any resulting faults may not be covered by the warranty.

Below are the Hitachi’s recommendations on refrigerator airspace for cooling:


Double-Door Refrigerators

  • Top: 12 inches (30 cm)
  • Back: 4 inches (10 cm)
  • Sides: 2 inches (5 cm) each

3-Door Refrigerators

  • Top: 2 inches (5 cm)
  • Back: 2 inches (5 cm)
  • Sides: About 1 inch (2 cm) each

Additionally, many customers forget to leave enough space to open the refrigerator door fully. This is particularly an issue in Hong Kong's small kitchen spaces, where the fridge door can be obstructed by the kitchen door, causing inconvenience as it can only open to about 60 degrees.


Refrigerator Size

After estimating the airspace for cooling, you can decide on the capacity needed for the refrigerator. The typical capacities of refrigerators range from 40 to over 400 liters. Your choice depends on your family's storage needs and lifestyle. Larger families obviously require more space, while a mini-fridge may suffice for a single person. Consider how often you cook and the need to store ingredients and drinks for social gatherings. We've prepared a simple formula for your estimation:

 Number of Family Members

 Refrigerator Capacity (Liters)

 2 Members

 200 to 230

 Each Additional Member


*Only the capacity of the refrigeration section is shown, excluding the freezer.

This formula provides a rough estimate. If you have enough budget and space, it's usually better to opt for a larger fridge. Remember, using one large fridge is more energy-efficient than using two smaller ones. If you consume or store wine, choose a wine cooler instead of storing bottles in a regular fridge. For more information, refer to our article on "Wine Cooler Comparison and Recommendations."



Energy Efficiency of Refrigerators

As mentioned earlier, refrigerators account for 14% of home electricity usage. Choosing an energy-efficient model is not only eco-friendly but can also reduce your electricity bill, especially as many households use a fridge for up to 20 years. Under the Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme, refrigerators are graded from level 1 (most efficient) to 5.

Generally, 2-door refrigerators with freezers on the top or bottom are more efficient than side-by-side models. Some higher-end refrigerators feature "Energy Saving" or "Vacation Mode" for more efficient operation when you're away, reducing electricity usage even further. Although these models might be more expensive, features such as ice-makers and water dispensers can make them worth the investment.


Refrigerator Lighting

High-end refrigerators are equipped with LED lighting that provides brighter, more natural light, making it easier to see inside. LED lights are more efficient than traditional bulbs, using less electricity and producing less heat, which aids in more efficient cooling. They are also long-lasting and typically don’t require any replacement during the fridge’s whole lifespan.


Refrigerator Hygiene

New models feature antimicrobial coatings on the interior walls and doors to prevent harmful bacteria growth, helping to keep food fresher for longer and provide healthier options for your family.


Fruit and Vegetable Storage Container

A good fruit and vegetable storage container is important for maintaining the moisture of food and prolonging its freshness. These compartments separate the fruits and vegetables from the cold air, reducing the loss of moisture from the produce.


Temperature Control

Some refrigerators offer advanced temperature control features, allowing you to set different temperatures for different sections of the fridge. Another feature to note is rapid cooling, which can shorten the time needed to cool the food and then automatically return to the previous temperature setting a few hours after activation.


Child Safety at Home

Many modern refrigerators come with a range of features to ensure ease of use and safety for children, including safety locks, child-proof water dispensers, and lockable medicine storage boxes, ensuring convenience and safe usage for children.


Refrigerator Shelf Layout

The capacity of a refrigerator can vary based on the shelf layout. When purchasing, consider what types of food you need to store and how you will place them in order to make the most efficient use of the refrigerator's capacity. Shelves made of plastic, rubber, or reinforced glass are easier to clean than those made of metal wire; additionally, these shelves can prevent food and drinks from leaking onto the layer below.


Exterior Material

When buying a refrigerator, pay attention to its surface material. You may need to visit a store in person to choose your preferred color and to check if the surface of the refrigerator easily shows stains, fingerprints, or minor scratches.


2. Comparison of Various Types of Refrigerators

Generally, refrigerators can be categorized by the number of doors they have single-door, double-door, and multi-door. Single-door refrigerators typically only have a cooling compartment. The most common double-door refrigerators have both a cooling compartment and a freezer (also known as the "ice compartment") and can be further divided into top-mount, bottom-mount, and side-by-side designs. Multi-door refrigerators usually have a cooling compartment, freezer, and vegetable and fruit compartment. Each type of refrigerator will be explained below.


Single-door refrigerator

Single-door refrigerators are generally smaller, with just a cooling compartment and less capacity, but also a smaller size. They are suitable for single-person households or those who do not need a freezer.

  • Compact size, suitable for Hong Kong's living environment
  • Low power consumption
  • Prices can be as low as a few thousand HKD


Double-Door Refrigerator: Top Freezer

Top freezer refrigerators have been one of the most popular and mainstream designs for decades. They are equipped with a freezer that occupies one-third of the refrigerator at the top. They offer the highest cost-performance ratio and still provide all the basic functions and shelf space needed.

  • Traditional refrigerator style
  • Generally cheaper than other types
  • Best value for money
  • A wide range of models available (over 70 models at BBE Quality Warehouse)


Double-door refrigerator: Bottom Freezer

As the name implies, the underlying frozen type refrigerator is the reverse of the top frozen type refrigerator, and its refrigerator chamber is located above the frozen chamber. As many families use frozen chamber frequently, you can get food and drink without bending. However, families with children will need to keep in mind whether the children will become more likely to open their frozen chamber. Also, this design may cause inconvenience to the short in families, such as the elderly.

  • Commonly used food and drinks can be placed at eye level
  • Reducing the need to bend or squat to find food
  • Usually equipped with drawers in the freezer for easy access
  • A wide range of models available


Double-door refrigerator: Side-by-Side

If you need a large-capacity refrigerator, side by side combination refrigerator is the best choice for you. The door design allows you to open the left and right doors in the middle. If your kitchen has a narrow passageway (that is a rectangular-designed kitchen), the side-by-side combination refrigerator will be also the best choice for you, because the door is relatively thin and you need not leave as much space as you did for top or bottom-type refrigerators. Some refrigerator models will be equipped with external water filters and ice machines and other small equipment. The disadvantage of side by side combination refrigerator is that it costs more money and power than the top-type refrigerator or bottom-type refrigerator.

  • Narrower doors and requiring less space to open
  • Wider body but not too deep inside, making it easier to reach food without having to dig in
  • The cooling compartment can be at eye level, reducing the need to bend or squat to find food
  • Usually equipped with more modern features, such as external water filters, water dispensers, and ice makers
  • Equipped with large-capacity models


Multi-door refrigerator

Multi-door refrigerators (including three-door models) are essentially a combination of side-by-side and bottom freezer models. This type of refrigerator can meet all the needs of a family, with two outward-opening doors for the refrigerator and a freezer compartment located at the bottom. Whether you choose a model with one or two freezer drawers depends on your preference. Due to its large capacity, this type of refrigerator can store different sizes of food and drinks, and its wide shelves can accommodate pizza boxes or any other food you want to refrigerate.

  • Cooling compartment at eye level, making it easy to access food and drinks
  • Extra-wide shelves for storing large plates and pizza boxes
  • When opening the refrigerator, the two doors open outward, saving the kitchen space
  • Depending on the model you choose, the freezer is located at the bottom, with one or two freezer drawers
  • Two freezer drawers allow for easy food categorization
  • Usually equipped with more modern features, such as external water filters, water dispensers, and ice makers
  • Larger capacity than side-by-side models


3. 6 Top Rated Refrigerators for 2023

2023 Top Rated Refrigerator Recommendation 1Mitsubishi Electric MR-CX39EN-PS

Mitsubishi MR-CX39EN-PS refrigerator has the following advantages:

  • Three-door type refrigerator
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 4.5-star high rating


2023 Top Rated Refrigerator Recommendation 2:Hitachi RSG32KPH / RSG38KPH

Hitachi RSG32KPH / RSG38KPH refrigerator has the following advantages:

  • 3-door type refrigerator series
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Practical compartment layout and aesthetically pleasing
  • Equipped with a high-efficiency moisture-retaining vegetable and fruit compartment for longer food preservation
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 269-liter / 329-liter capacity options available


2023 Top Rated Refrigerator Recommendation 3:Hitachi HRTN5230M / HRTN5255MF 212L/235L

Hitachi HRTN5230M / HRTN5255MF refrigerator has the following advantages:

  • 212 / 235-liter capacity options available
  • Available in three colors
  • Using an inverter compressor
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Priced between 3,000 to 4,000, offering great value for money


2023 Top Rated Refrigerator Recommendation 4:SAMSUNG RB33R8899SR/SH 328L Double Door Refrigerator

SAMSUNG RB33R8899SR/SH 328L Double Door Refrigerator has the following advantages:

  • Standing at a height of 192.7cm, it features a slim design with a depth of only 59cm
  • Can be integrated with kitchen cabinets (standard kitchen cabinet depth is 60cm)
  • A minimum of 90 degrees is sufficient to open the door and remove items from the fridge.


2023 Top Rated Refrigerator Recommendation 5:Hitachi RZXC740RH

Hitachi RZXC740RH refrigerator has the following advantages:

  • Multi-door type refrigerator
  • Best-selling refrigerator for many years
  • Various styles and sizes available
  • Made in Japan
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty


2023 Top Rated Refrigerator Recommendation 6:BOSCH KFN96APEAG Multi-Door Refrigerator

BOSCH KFN96APEAG Multi-Door Refrigerator has the following advantages:

  • High capacity of up to 593 liters, equipped with an 80cm extra-wide cooling compartment
  • Featuring VitaFresh <>0°C storage for fish and fresh meat in the chiller
  • Equipped with VitaFresh XXL humidity-controlled apple compartment


4. Which Refrigerator Brand Are Highly Rated?


Electrolux Refrigerators

Electrolux is a leading global brand in commercial and household appliances, selling over 40 million products in 150 countries each year. Among these, Electrolux side-by-side refrigerators offer great value for money. Models such as ESE5401A-SHK & ESE6201BG-MY feature large capacity, newly upgraded inverter compressors, and stable temperature control to prevent food from spoiling due to temperature fluctuations. The inverter compressor also effectively reduces energy consumption, keeping food fresh while saving on electricity and operating quietly and reliably.


Fisher & Paykel Refrigerators

Hailed from New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel refrigerators are known for their large capacity and practicality. Their refrigerators often have higher cooling capabilities than other brands. Unlike the typical side-by-side refrigerators that waste space with a middle partition separating the cooling and freezing compartments, their French door refrigerators have a freezer at the bottom and a less restricted cooling compartment on top for more flexible food storage. With widths of 635mm / 790mm, Fisher & Paykel's double-door refrigerators are unique in the market and are a great choice for those looking for large capacity and efficient cooling.


Hitachi Refrigerators

The nearly century-old Japanese brand Hitachi is one of Japan's largest appliance manufacturers and is highly recommended for its refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. Hitachi has been the top-selling refrigerator brand in Hong Kong for 14 consecutive years. Many online reviews praise Hitachi refrigerators for their durability and efficient cooling even after many years of use. They also offer a Japanese-made series of refrigerators that are superior in quality. Hitachi provides a 5-year full warranty on refrigerators and up to 10 years warranty for the inverter compressor, ensuring peace of mind. BBE offers Hitachi refrigerators at up to 30% off.


Panasonic Refrigerators

Another popular Japanese refrigerator brand in Hong Kong is Panasonic, which also offers Japanese-made refrigerators equipped with ECONAVI smart energy-saving technology. This technology automatically learns the family's living patterns to select the most efficient cooling times, thus saving energy. Panasonic also provides a 5-year full warranty for its refrigerators, with BBE offering Panasonic refrigerators at up to 25% off.


Mitsubishi Refrigerators

If you're looking to buy a Japanese-made refrigerator, Mitsubishi is another popular choice besides Panasonic and Hitachi. Mitsubishi, Japan's third-largest electrical manufacturer, offers flagship refrigerators with top-notch advanced design and high efficiency. Some models are even equipped with exclusive 'Vitamin C Factory' technology to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, and lock in more Vitamin C. BBE offers Mitsubishi refrigerators at up to 30% off.


Samsung Refrigerators

The South Korean brand Samsung stands out for its quality and innovative design. Its advanced freezing technology keeps food fresh, tasty, and worry-free. The spacious interior makes it easy to store various foods, helping to keep your kitchen organized. Smart features allow for easy control, adjusting temperatures as needed. Its smartphone connectivity and one-touch monitoring are ideal helpers for modern life, simple and convenient. Choose a Samsung refrigerator for convenience and to enrich the quality of life in your home.


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