-25% SHARP KI-N50A-W White Humidifying Air Purifier(408ft²)


Humidifying Air Purifier

High Density Plasmacluster 25,000

Applicable area : 408 ft2


To Reduce More Than 90% of Airborne Novel Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2)

Plasmacluster ions are positive and negative ions that occur in nature, and is proven to reduce more than 90% of Airborne Novel Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) In 30 Secs. And also has been proven to reduce bacteria and viruses.

* According to the collaboration with the National Research Center for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases/Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University on 7 Sept, 2020.

Deodorizes Adhering Odor with High Speed

Release Plasmacluster with triple density, making it more effective in removing adhering odor. When you smell odors inside the car or the room (such as remaining odor from food, cigarette odor and pet odor), you can operate the Ion Generator. Within short period, the odor will be reduced to unnoticeable level. This can keep a fresh environment inside the room or the car.

Plasmacluster 25000

Powerful air purification capabilities are ensured with the use of high density Plasmacluster ion generator emitting 25,000 ions/cm³, making it more effective in removing adhering odor and inactivate airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens.

No.1 Air Purifier Brand in Japan 100 Million units sold worldwide

The total sales quantity of products with Plasmacluster Ion technology has sold more than 100 million units worldwide*. Sharp air purifier become the top seller in Japan for 11 years^.

^ Total sales quantity from The Japan Electrical Manufacturer’s Association during 2009-2019

* Total sales quantity of products with Plasmacluster Ion technology during October 2000-October 2021 worldwide.

Humidifying & Air Purifying

• Maintain the optimal humidity level to provide comfortable living environment and prevent viruses. • Minute water molecules from moisture delivered by vapor humidifying prevent skin, nose and throat dryness.

High Performance of Filtering System

Strong air purifier performance with effective filtering system, effectively inactivates airborne allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold, PM2.5 and reduces odors including cigarette smoke*, garbage odor and pet odor. *Cannot remove harmful substances such as carbon monoxide

Allergy UK Seal of Approval

Plasmacluster Air Purifiers are certified from the British Allergy Foundation, which remove allergens from the environment of the allergy.

Dual Air Outlet enhance Air Circulation

This series are featured a air outlet at the back, and another outlet in the front. This can facilitate air circulation and enhance efficient dust extraction ability.

"Humidify" Mode

- Maintain the optimal humidity level to provide comfortable living environment and prevent viruses.

- Minute water molecules from moisture delivered by vapor humidifying prevent skin, nose and throat dryness.

"Clean Ion Shower" Mode

Releases a burst of High-Density Plasmacluster Ions in a shower-like pattern into the air to inactivate the airborne viruses, mold and allergens effectively

High Performance of Filtering System

1. Pre-filter

Captures large dust particles likes hairs and dust

2. Deodorizing Filter

Has powerful deodorizing ability, can remove various kinds of odor (e.g. cigarette smell*1, garbage odor, pets odor, etc) .

3. HEPA Filter

99.97%*2 dust collection rate, collects ultra-fine dust, cigarette particles*1and pollen

Sensitive Dust Sensor

Dust Sensor can detect dust, dust mites, pollen, etc.

Odor Sensor

Odor Sensor can detect the odor from cigarette, candies, spray, etc.

Light Sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The Temperature and Humidity Indicator can detect temperature and humidity in the room automatically and displays the approximate indoor humidity level

On/Off Timer

Pressing the Off Timer button to choose the duration of operation (1-12 hours). Enabling you to operate with different needs and environments.

Child Lock

Operation of the control panel will be locked after pressing the Child Lock button for 3 seconds, in order to prevent children from playing the control panel.

Convenient Design 

Equipped with casters, which is easy to move inside your home. The water tank is equipped with handles, making it easy to carry around. Wide water-filling hole allows users to clean the inside of the tank easily.

*1 Toxic substances found in cigarette smoke, such as carbon monoxide, cannot be removed.

*2 Dust collection efficiency of the filter for 0.3micron particles.


Purification Method : High Density Plasmacluster

Plasmaclusteer Density (ions/cm³) 25,000

Humidifying Air Purifier : Yes

Applicable Area : 38m² /408ft²

Air Flow Mode : Low / Medium / High

Operation ModeClean Ion Shower/ Auto/ Pollen/ Sleep/ Low/ Med/ High

Filter Pre Filter

HEPA Filter (10 years)

Deodorizing Filter (10 years)

Humidifying Filter (10 years)

Sensor : Sensitive Dust / Odor / Light / Temperature & Humidity

Timer Settings 1-12 hours (On/Off)

Child Lock Yes

Air Flow Volum (m3/hr)Air Purifying mode:

60 (Low)

168 (Medium)

306 (High)

Air Purifying & Humidifying mode:

66 (Low)

186 (Medium)

252 (High)

Power Consumption (W)Air Purifying mode:

5.5 (Low)

17 (Medium)

51 (High)

Air Purifying & Humidifying mode:

6.7 (Low)

22 (Medium)

32 (High)

Noise Level (dBA)Air Purifying mode:

17 (Low)

40 (Medium)

51 (High)

Air Purifying & Humidifying mode:

20 (Low)

43 (Medium)

47 (High)

Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 384 x 619 x 230

Others : Cleanliness Indicator / Casters

Weight (kg) : 8.2

Color : White(-W)

Accessories : HEPA Filter (FZ-D40HFE), Deodorizing Filter (FZ-G40DFE), Humidifying Filter (FZ-J1XMFE)
2 years warranty

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SHARP KI-N50A-W White Humidifying Air Purifier(408ft²)

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