Choosing the right rice cooker

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Electricity consumption in the residential sector: 2.1%

Rice cookers are the 7th highest electricity consuming appliance in Hong Kong households.


The capacity of a rice cooker is measured by cup. In general, one cup of raw rice approximately yields 1h cups of cooked rice. For optimal efficiency, it is recommended that you use the rice cooker to its fullest capacity according to your family size and your appetite.





1Do not open the cooker's cover during cooking as this wastes energy and increases the energy needed to cook the rice.


2Make good use of the steam basket that usually comes with the rice cooker to steam vegetable, fish and meat. This way of healthy cooking not only saves time but helps slim down both your body figure and carbon footprint!


3Rice cookers themselves are energy efficient appliances. However, when you are preparing stew, congee or soup that requires longer cooking hours, consider using a pressure cooker instead.

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