How to choosing the right air conditioner ?

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Air Conditioner

Electricity consumption in the residential sector: 34%

Air conditioning consumes the most electricity in Hong Kong households.

Choosing the right air conditioner

Bigger is not always better for air conditioners to reach their optimal efficiency. The cooling capacity of an air conditioner should be determined by room size. The table shows the recommended cooling capacity and its room size. Start by choosing the right horsepower for the room you are cooling.

Room size (sq. ft.)

Cooling capacity (HP - horsepower)

Below 90


90 to 120


120 to 180

1 1/2

180 to 250


250 to 300




* The above is for reference only. The required cooling capacity of the air

conditioner can be affected by the family size and the location of the room.*

1.       Alternate use of air conditioner and fan. Air conditioners consume an extra 6% of electricity for every degree lower in temperature while it only costs 60 cents to run a fan for 10 hours.

2.        For air conditioning, split type is in general more energy efficient than window type, as it has a bigger external body to disperse the accumulated heat.

3.        Use curtain and blinds. The most efficient way to reduce your cooling cost is to reduce the heat in your home.

Clean the air conditioning unit filters every six weeks to allow free flow air. This improves the operation efficiency of the

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