Choosing the right television

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Electricity consumption in the residential sector: 7.3%

TV is the 4th highest electricity consuming appliance in Hong Kong households.

Choosing the right television

A large TV certainly consumes more electricity but it may not necessarily offer a better viewing experience. The resolution of the images from a large screen may not be as crisp compared to a smaller one. The best choice should be made according to the appropriate viewing distance. The table on the right shows the recommended TV sizes and viewing distances:

16:9 TV diagonal screen Min. viewing distance Max. viewing distance
size (inch) • (ft) (ft)
26 3.3 6.5
30 3.8 7.6
34 4.3 8.5
42 5.3 10.5
47 5.9 11.8
50 6.3 12.5
55 6.9 12.8
60 7.5 15
65 8.1 16.2

1.       Trendy flat-screen LCD and plasma TV can consume up to four times more energy than the old CRT (cathode ray tube) as people are buying TVs with bigger screens.

2.        In general, LCD is slightly more energy efficient than plasma and more durable (lifespan of 20 to 25 years) than plasma (lifespan of 10 to 20 years).

3.        Running a 40" LCD for an hour is equal to lighting up 20 light bulbs in terms of energy use (about 200 watts). So it is not recommended that you leave the TV on to produce "background" music in your room.

4.        Turn down the intensity of the backlights of your TV. Reducing the screen brightness can cut down power consumption without lowering any image quality.

5.        Switch off the TV completely. The "stand-by" mode is also using electricity.

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