-16% LOCKLY PGD829BF-SG Secure Lux Smart Lock(Space Grey)

LOCKLY® Secure Lux is LOCKLY®'s premium smart door lock that combines avant-garde styling with exceptional functionality

body. In addition to the PIN Genie® password pad, there are also 3D living fingerprint sensors, smartphone unlocking, and RFID tap cards

There are five unlocking methods including mechanical keys and so on.


● Pin Genie anti-peeping electronic button patent technology, all numbers will be rearranged after each input.

● 3D living fingerprint sensing technology can identify real or fake fingerprints.

● Use bluetooth to connect smartphones, no need to connect to the Internet, which is more secure than Wi-Fi connection.

● Support RFID smart card and "Magic Offline Key Code (OAC)" function, which can be authorized to unlock at any time, which is more convenient.

● Supports the installation of the Lockly Secure LINK kit, which can be used with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Functions and Features

Smart Security Solution

Anti-peeping electronic keys: PIN Genie®, which has more than 30 global patents, is a PIN pad consisting of four groups of buttons and each group of three numbers. Every time you use it, each group of numbers will automatically change its position, ensuring that it is different every time you use the keyboard. Even with a sneak peek, it is difficult to guess the correct password.

3D live fingerprint sensing technology: The fingerprint sensor can complete the scanning of fingerprints in 0.39 seconds at the fastest, and quickly unlock the lock within 0.5 seconds. The system can record up to 99 fingerprint data, which is convenient for shops, schools and other facilities. By the way, severed fingers cannot pass the level, because only "live" fingerprints will be recognized.

Bluetooth application: LOCKLY® smart lock has built-in 256-bit Bluetooth encryption technology, which can be connected to LOCKLY® mobile application for door lock management and setting. Bluetooth technology does not need to connect to the network, so it will not be attacked by the network, and the security is absolutely guaranteed. In addition, RFID can also be used to tap cards, or special mechanical keys can be used to open the door.

RFID smart card: Register and activate the smart card in the box, and manage and remove the permissions of the registered smart card at any time.

Magic Offline Code: Use the magic offline key code Offline Access Code (OAC™) to allow you to grant access to the door lock regardless of time and place. When you have a visitor, you only need to create an OAC™ on your mobile phone, which can be sent to your guest via email, SMS, whatsapp, wechat or any other method. Authorized to enter your property. LOCKLY® Smart Lock is not connected to the Internet, so it is absolutely immune to any cyber attacks. When setting up OAC™, you can set up a one-time valid password or a password that can be reused within the valid period according to the needs of the situation.

Remote password management: use smartphones to send eKeys to guests via email or SMS, allowing them to unlock and enter your property by themselves.

Check the entry and exit records: You can check the unlock records with your phone. Receive push notifications on your smartphone when guests enter your home using Bluetooth eKeys. Through the mobile phone push notification, the switch record is clear at a glance. You can know exactly when visitors come in and out. You can also change and delete the access rights of visitors at any time.

Master Account: All function settings are controlled by the Master Account. Useful in offices, Airbnb and rental properties.

Enhanced security features

At-Home Safe Mode: Pause PIN Genie® keys when you're at home, preventing outside entry.

Safety button to prevent children from running out of the house: It can prevent children or pets from unlocking from the room, and it can also perfectly prevent someone from outside the door from using wire or rope to pull the handle inside the door to invade the room.

Limit the number of wrong passwords entered: After three wrong passwords are entered, the screen will enter the defense mode, and the screen display will be turned off, and the intruder will have no way to start. Only the master password can restart.

Emergency door handle: When in danger or in an emergency, just pull down the handle on the back of the door to escape quickly.

Sturdy and highly reliable: Designed with high-density stainless steel and high-impact materials, it brings stronger security, connectivity, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Fire Requirements: Comply with the standard and pass the EN1634-2 hours fire test.

Spare key: The key is equipped with a high quality 6-pin lock cylinder for a spare key. Complex mechanical design for maximum safety.

Convenience function

Touch to lock: Touch anywhere on the key to lock.

Password button: One-touch button allows the door to be locked immediately. It can be used as a switch mode button when setting and editing the key mode, confirming and deleting the door password, volume control, etc.

No left and right restrictions: You can choose to open the door on the left or right to meet your needs.

Battery Level Indicator: Easy to check battery status with battery level icon, battery replacement flashing light and beep notification.

Mute option: The gate can choose not to make a sound when connected by Bluetooth, so as not to disturb the neighbors.

4 AA battery operation: Only 4 AA batteries are needed, the use time is very long, and it is convenient to buy.

9 Volt Backup Battery: The battery is located on the front panel of the door lock as 4 AA batteries that can still unlock your door when fully depleted.

Shock starter technology: The first to adopt bumper starter technology, which can significantly extend the battery life of the product. Our smart locks are much quieter when opening and closing than other similar products on the market.

Ideal solution for rental properties: for Airbnb hosts, VRBOs, studios and properties. No need to duplicate keys. Simply send 6-8 digit gate codes, eKeys or OAC™ to your guests to unlock and enter the unit themselves.

Warranty 2-year full product warranty and an additional 2-year net parts warranty

Purchases from non-approved distributors or installation by technicians from non-approved distributors are not covered by maintenance services

Product specification

Front panel size

Length • 346mm

Width • 168 mm

Depth • 84mm

Rear panel size

Length • 359mm

Width • 168 mm

Depth • 77mm


Door opening direction No distinction between left and right/inside and outside door opening

Door thickness •40 – 60 mm (standard) / •61 – 120 mm (custom)

Distance between doors • 60 / 70 mm

Lock type

• Mortise lock

•Stainless steel lock body: 98 x 175 x 19 mm

•Stainless steel locking piece: 24 x 240 x 2 mm


• Space grey

• Venetian Bronze


Battery type • Alkaline battery

Emergency Power • 9V Alkaline Battery

Maximum battery capacity • 4 AA batteries

Power • 4 AA batteries

Duration • 10 – 12 months

Unlock method

•Bluetooth with LOCKLY mobile APP

• PIN Genie US patent anti-peep combination disk

• 3D FPC living fingerprint

• RFID card

• Physical key


• EN 1634



Emergency escape•Indoor quick opening lock body

Ergonomics•Fingerprint sensing is set on the handle

Main material•Stainless steel

Fingerprint sensor• 3D FPC live fingerprint sensor

Easy to operate

• Low battery display

• LOCKLY dedicated mobile app


• Alkaline batteries x 4

•Drilling Template x 1

• Front and rear fuselage x 1

• Screw assembly x 1

• Spoon gall x 1

• Lock piece x 1

• Lock plate gusset x 1

• Bottom plate x 1

• Key x 5

• RFID card x 3

• Lock body x 1

• Installation Guide x 1

• Quick Start Guide x 1

• User Manual x 1

•Initial Code card x 1

Door lock capacity

RFID card • Up to 99 records

Fingerprint • Up to 99 records

Master Password • 1

One-time password • 1

User password • 14


Lockly Smart Door Lock Installation Service Introduction

1. The basic installation service includes:

Replace the old lock

Install new lock

Test confirmation

Standard installation does not include other engineering items such as socket construction, pull wires, glue grooves, etc.

The master will not charge additional engineering fees on site.

2. Floor surcharge:

Floor surcharges will be charged on site for addresses without elevators (stairs required), which are not included in the installation service price:

+$100 per floor

Cash will be collected on site by the installer

3.Installation area

Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories (fixed remote surcharge free area)

Discovery Bay, Ma Wan, South Lantau Island, Outlying Islands (Cheung Chau, Lamma Island, Peng Chau, Hei Ling Chau, etc.) Area: Outlying Surcharge: $500

4. Precautions for appointment installation:

a) Please make an appointment for installation service at least 10-12 working days in advance.

b) The installation will be done directly by professional technicians appointed by Lockly. The installers will only charge floor surcharges, extra accessories or on-site service fees on site. If customers have any questions about the fees charged, they can contact the customer service officer (23130666/WhatApps: 67726366)

c) After purchase, please fill in the appointment installation form to let the master know the condition of the door to confirm whether accessories are needed for installation.

d) Customers must contact the property management office on their own for the installation project. If the master cannot be installed after arriving at the site, the order needs to be canceled or an appointment will be made for another time for installation. A door-to-door service fee of HK$700 will be charged.

e) If you need to reschedule, please submit it 7 working days in advance: if it is less than 7 working days, an administrative fee of HK$700 will be charged.

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LOCKLY PGD829BF-SG Secure Lux Smart Lock(Space Grey)

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