FAQ - Built-in Hob

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Q1.How should I clean the glass surface on a regular basis?
You can simply use a semi-wet towel to wipe the glass surface when the built-in hob surface is still a bit warm. It will be very easy to remove stain.
Q2.If installing other appliance such as dish-washer or washing machine underneath the built-in hob, what will be the minimum distance in between?
Please leave at least 10mm distance apart from the built-in hob. If another appliance requires a different distance, please use the larger distance requirement.
Q3.How to clean the stain on the glass surface?
You can use any neutral cleaning agent and semi-wet sponge or cloth to remove the stain. Then use a dry cloth to wipe it.
Q4.How long is the battery life of the built-in hob?
About 1 year. However, it may last less than 1 year because the battery starts operation right after manufacturing
Q5.What is good about the cone-shaped flame of Inner Flame Built-in Hob Series?
Due to the cone-shaped flame, the cooking result will be enhanced because of more even heat distribution onto the cookware.
Q6.How to clean the aluminium alloy surface?
You can spray some cleaning agent onto the surface and burner, then use a semi-wet cloth to wipe it after 3 - 5 minutes. Try not to use any heavy duty cleaning agent which can scratch the surface.
Q7.How to clean the glass surface?
You can use small amount of cleaning agent and use a semi-wet cloth to wipe it. Then use water to clean it. Try not to use any hand pad that can scratch the surface.
Q8.How to maintain the pan support in good shape?
Use a dry cloth to wipe it dried each time after cleaning.
Q9.How to clean the burner if spilling some food in?
Most of the pan support, burner dish and burner ring in Towngas Built-in Hobs can be individually detached for easy cleaning. Customers can also call our customer service hotline to arrange cleaning by a Towngas technician. Besides, there are some Towngas built-in hob models which are equipped with sealed burner for much easier cleaning.
Q10.The flame in a cooking appliance is supposed to be blue in color. It now turns red.
Please detach the burner ring and use a soft brush to clean the little holes of the burner ring. If needed, customers can call customer service hotline to arrange a Towngas technician to clean it.
Q11.If purchasing a non-Towngas brand built-in hob, will Towngas arrange to install?
Yes. But it will be subject to a service charge.
Q12.For a non-Towngas brand built-in hob, will Towngas provide maintenance and repair service?
Towngas will provide on-site checking service. For the repair of parts, customers would need to contact the appropriate dealer for the repair service.
Q13.Why is the flame power in a built-in hob relatively smaller than that in a Table Top Cooker?
Because a Table Top Cooker is placed on top of a kitchen table top instead of being installed inside the table top. It will be exposed to larger amount of air which helps combustion. Therefore, it will have a relatively stronger power of flame.
Q14.If I wish to replace the existing built-in hob, can I just measure the dimension of the built-in hob surface?
No. Please also pay attention to the dimension of the cut-out hole for installing the built-in hob. Otherwise, alteration may be required.

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