Built-in appliances installation

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As more and more individuals in Hong Kong begin to pursue the beautiful and stylish kitchen, built-in appliances are more popular nowadys. It can make full use of every inch of kitchen space, making the arrangement of various kitchen appliances more practical, orderly, spacious and clean. With all electrical appliances and their wires kept within the cupboard, built-in appliances are popular in Europe and the United States. In particular, traditional large appliances (like washing machine and refrigerator) occupy a large part of the area, and the use of built-in design can make good use of space, meet cooling needs as well as household demands. As electrical appliances and wires are hidden in the kitchen cabinet, the children cannot touch the wire and electric pull or to be stumbled by wires. Coupled with no cracks between the appliance and kitchen cabinet, children cannot reach hands into them for reducing the accident.


The picture shows Fisher & Paykel's perfect combination of built-in appliances, in which you can see a small space has been built-in with the steam oven, gas cooking stove, induction cooker, dishwasher, range hood, refrigerator, wine cabinet, etc.


However, many people may not have enough understanding of the installation of built-in appliances, which produces various problems in ordering kitchen cabinet and installing electric appliances, so that some notes on purchase and installation of built-in electrical appliances will be briefly introduced.


Order the design of kitchen cabinets after the purchase of appliances


You should buy appliances first, because fewer selections of appliances can be left after the cabinet size and model are fixed, with many limitations in heat, size, wire and even security. For example, if you want to buy six appliances, you have to perform selection steps for 6 times to fit with the kitchen cabinet, and regular combination privilege cannot be enjoyed, all which can be resolved by firstly selecting the electrical appliances and then choosing the kitchen cabinet.


Professional design for the electrical interface of appliances

Before purchase of built-in kitchen appliances, you need to understand the exact size of each appliance. Generally, for the oven, steamer, dishwasher, microwave oven and other ordinary kitchen appliances, the front size is 60cm (standard size from Europe). And most of brands have appliances of the size. Some models may have different front size, and you may find the exact size by consulting the salesman or referring the product description, to facilitate the accurate manufacture of kitchen cabinets.


Accurate measurement of the size of kitchen appliances

For the different power of kitchen appliances, the access way of wires is also different. For appliances with large power (such as ovens), the wire should be pulled alone, but for appliances with small power, the wire should not be pulled alone. And we should send the professional staff for the overall layout. Taking into account appliances that might be added in future due to member changes and season needs, an extra space had better be set aside in advance, saving the renovation trouble


Special treatment for ventilation and heat dissipation

Kitchen appliances are built into the cabinet, surrounded by partitions, so the space will be more closed than independent appliances, and ventilation and heat dissipation must be considered. Generally, kitchen appliances belong to pre-heat dissipation types, but some are rear-heat dissipation. Rear-heat dissipation appliances will be more difficult to dissipate heat, shortening the life of appliances. So, you need to pay special attention to the design of its heat dissipation space, or ask the professionals to arrange the special ventilation openness for its heat dissipation, in order to ensure the safety of electrical appliances. For example, heat dissipation can be achieved from both sides and rear of independent refrigerators, but for built–in refrigerators, heat dissipation can be achieved from rear due to the lack of heat dissipation space, which need 10 ~ 20cm space in the top or the bottom, and about a 5cm depth in the rear. In BBE, we send the professional and technical personnel to install appliances for you, in order to ensure that your electrical appliances are durable and safe.



Avoiding other wires when connecting wires

There are many wires (water, electricity, and natural gas), valves, plugs and many others in the kitchen. The built - in dishwasher or washing machine, for example, is generally required to be connected with entry and drainage pipes, which must be avoided when connecting wires for beauty and installation of additional appliances. The valves and plugs should be on the side of appliances, but not the rear of appliances.


Taking into account the temperature of the kitchen appliances

The built-in oven, for example, have a high temperature in work. Therefore, it is necessary to select high-temperature and fire – proof materials for the cabinet, such as aluminum oxide or magnesium oxide. Pure wood materials cannot be used as partitions, because it may not be able to resist high temperature. In general, fire – proof materials are needed for the oven and the cooking stove.


Taking into account the use habits

Before installation, the use of convenience as well as cooperation of those appliances should be taken into account. For example, the top of the cooking oven will match the range hood, and the oven is usually installed in a position similar to the height that allows the user to put in or take out the heavy food (especially baked and hot food) easily. For another example, the dishwasher or disinfection cabinet can be installed in the bottom of the cooking stove for beauty and easy dish–getting. Finally, the refrigerator cannot be installed directly in the vicinity of the cooking stove, but a location for convenient cooking and ingredient–getting.


BBE Built-in appliances specialist

BBE provide high-quality built-in electrical appliances for different customers for many years, including a variety of European and American high-level home and kitchen appliances, in which many models are sold by us exclusively. Welcome to visit our showrooms in Mong Kok, Causeway Bay and Tuen Mun. There are a number of different types of built-in electrical appliances. Our professional sales team can introduce the most suitable built-in electrical appliances to meet your needs. After the purchase, we provide delivery and installation services. The built–in installation by technical staff can ensure that electrical appliances meet a variety of heat-dissipation and fire-proof requirements, so that electrical appliances can play the best performance.

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