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Washing machines on the market can be divided into several types of which the front-load washing machine and top loading washing machine are more popular. There are chances that some customers don’t know where to start when choosing a washing machine without enough knowledge of two types of the washing machine. We will compare the two types and recommend some brands or models.

Top loading vs Front-loading


Top loading Washing machine


  • Compared to front-load washing machine, less trouble to be repaired.
  • Faster washing time.
  • Generally speaking, the price of top loading washing machine is relatively cheap.
  • More portable and easier to move.
  • You can easily add clothes at any time even during the operating process.
  • Better cleaning performance.
  • No need to bend or squat to take out your clothes.


  • Greater friction for clothes in general.
  • Large quantity of water consumption compared to front-load washing machine.
  • High power consumption in the use of warm water or hot water for washing.
  • More washing detergent consumption.
  • Relatively high washing cost at every turn.


Front-load washing machine


  • Some models have the function of drying in addition to washing and dewatering to complete the whole washing & drying process in a roller without moving the clothes.
  • Soft in washing clothes.
  • In need of a small quantity of water and detergent (water level in the front-load washing machine doesn’t need to cover the clothes completely)
  • Low power consumption in the use of warm water or hot water for washing.
  • Relatively low operation cost.
  • Relatively high rotating speed.
  • Need to bend or squat to take out the clothes.
  • The front-load washing machine can be installed under cabinets because no room is necessary for the top as the top loading washing machine, which is suitable for homes in Hong Kong.


  • Relatively high price.
  • Faster rotating speed and less water consumption (higher washing temperature) possibly means more folds on the clothes ("anti-wrinkle" program has been added to some special models).
  • For some models, clothes may not be easily put into the washing machine during the operation because it will increase washing load.
  • Heavy frame, not easy to be moved.
  • Some special brackets are needed for support if it’s put on a wood floor.
  • Some models may generate much noise, which is not suitable for people in love with a peaceful home.

Choose a washing machine

Washing capacity of a washing machine

Washing capacity is one of the simplest but most important factors to consider when purchasing a washing machine: you can wash more clothes at a time with a larger washing capacity. Generally, 1 kg is roughly equivalent to a suit including a pair of trousers, a coat, and an underwear and socks, upon which you can estimate the washing capacity required in daily life. Models of high capacity allow you to have a long washing time and to reduce charges for water and electricity and the impact on the environment.

We have models of washing machine from 5 kg to 14 kg. Please choose one with high capacity if your families always or regularly do a lot of laundry. You can consider choosing a washing machine of 5-6kg if you live in a small place or without too many family members.


Maximum spin speed

Dewatering speed of the washing machine ranks from 600-1600 rpm. The faster the dewatering speed reaches, the less time it will take to pump more water. You should pay attention to the clothing material and size before drying. Some material such as jeans needs a long time for drying, so are the thick clothes. You have to reserve sufficient time for drying.

Choose a washing machine with medium speed for your daily laundry (900 to 1000 rpm). However, for people in Hong Kong who value the time most, you can consider a washing machine with higher speed (1200rpm or above) if you don’t like drying clothes in the air or waiting too long (especially when you have to wear your favorite or important suit in a short time).


Noise level of washing machine

Homes in Hong Kong are usually small and the washing machine is one of the home appliances with much noise. You should consider whether the noise level can be accepted when purchasing a washing machine. Now many models are advertising a silent design and you can consult us.

Open-ended home prevails in Hong Kong and it will be important to choose a washing machine with less noise. People who are younger or come home late at night also need a quiet washing machine, especially when you want to work as you wash the clothes.


Quick washing fucntion

If you don’t have too much time or you only have few clothes to wash, quick washing will be the best choice. Many models contain the function of quick washing to handle clothes of small size and low dirt and some models can even complete quick washing within 14 minutes.


Energy label

Choose a washing machine with cost saving and environmental protection. The energy efficiency of washing machines can be classified into 5 grades according to the power consumption. In short, a Grade 1 washing machine will save 23% of energy than a Grade 3 washing machine and nearly 50% than a Grade 5 energy.

An energy saving washing machine will save water charge and electric charge for you in the long run. When doing the laundry, the washing machine should be filled as much as possible because it costs almost the same power consumption as it does with half full.



Recommendation by BBE

Washing machine choices may varies depending on your family and home condition. A test of energy efficient and safety level for different wahing machines brands & models was conduted by Consumer consuil. You may check it for reference.And we sell Siemens, which is one of the best brands. For example, model Wi14s441GB from Siemens is made in German with grade A+ of EU Energy Efficiency, grade 1 of Hong Kong energy label and grade 1 of Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme. Also, Siemens provide 2 years warranty period for their wahing machines.

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