Tips for using electric oven

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Electric oven

Electric Oven

The electric oven can be used for baking food, cooking meat and vegetables, as well as heating and heat preservation. With different oven recipes, you can simply cook delicious food. Comparing with gas oven, electric oven can provide stable heating for keeping food in a dry and high - temperature environment which is suitable for baking. Although electric oven is easy to use in general, please pay attention to some of the following tips while using them.

Electric oven has a large electrical coil under the bottom plate. The electrical coil can provide increasing heat stably until the entire space of the oven has been filled with radiant heat energy. Some models of electric ovens are similar to gas ovens, and that there is another heating coil used for even grilling meats. While the bottom coil is the part which maintaining the temperature of your oven.

Electric oven is suitable for baking food because of its ideal controlling of heating. Although the time for heating and cooking is relatively longer, it is the feature which realize rare changes of temperatures in order to stabilize the heating procedure. The temperature of electric coil won’t be too high even when it is in fully operation. Which means that you don’t have to worry about burning inside like gas oven. It is dry inside electric oven so it makes food become crispy with golden brown. Please remember to leave enough space for heat dissipation when installing of electric oven.

These are general characteristics of the electric oven. Please note that there are some minor differences among different brands. You may contact us any time in order to choose the most suitable product for your family.
Tips for using electric oven

Tips for using electric oven


1. Longer preheat time

As mentioned above, heating coil needs to take time for consisted heating in order to reach the temperature you set, and then begin to release heat energy for baking food. This is different with gas oven, and it means that electric oven needs much more preheat time than gas oven. But don’t worry too much, you can always use a thermometer to keep checking temperature of the electric oven.

2. Use aluminum foil to prevent excessive barbecue

Electric oven can easily make your pies and pastries cover with golden brown, but you still need to be careful with over cooking. If you find that the top or edge of the food has sign of burning, you only need to wrap the edge with aluminum or just cover above the food. The aluminum foil can realize circulation of heat energy and air which can prevent over cooking because of separation direct heating from bottom heating coil.

3. Place the food in the middle of the oven

Unless you have special diet requirements, otherwise you should place the food in the middle of the oven for even and stable heating from top to bottom. The food placed in the middle is uneasy to burn. Additionally, continuously rotating your plate during the grilling process is also helpful for your successful cooking.

4. Use the correct grilling plate

Since electric oven provides stable and reliable heat power, you can achieve any kinds of baking and grilling effects corporate with different instruments of electric oven. For instance, using a metal grilling plate can make the edge and bottom of food become brown easily, while using metal plate with dark colors can realize crispy cookies and cakes from the bottom. When you want to reduce the degree of color, such as light-colored cake or cupcakes, you can use glass, ceramic or resin baking plates. Since the thermal conductivity of these materials is relatively poor, it can reduce the level of golden brown.

5. Add steam during the baking process if necessary

We may not need extremely dry environment sometimes, such as baking bread. And you may add some steam to get the bread inflated. You can pour a small cup of hot water in the bottom plate, or open a small gap of oven and spray some water to increase humidity. If you need steam for baking in a high frequency, you may consider buying a steam oven as we do provide lots of steam oven with good quality. You may read this article for advantage of steam oven.
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