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Welcome www.hkele.com.hk, in order to make your access to safe and enjoyable shopping experience, we set out the following terms of use, so you better understand our expectations on both sides. Please note that when you visit www.hkele.com.hk any website indicates your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. We recommend that you read our privacy policy statement.
www.hkele.com.hk by BBE of owning and operating high-quality appliances, any Www.hkele.com.hk Terms of Use also apply to BBE for its high-quality electrical and agency staff.


Section I: Terms of Use website

You clearly understand and agree that:
Your own use of the Site and / or service risk. The extent permitted by law, BBE of high-quality electrical matters expressly disclaims responsibility or make the following representations or warranties (express or implied):
a. this site or the quality of the information, operation, use, accuracy, or timeliness, or suitability for any purpose or purposes;
b. through BBE according to the information request or provide or receive any goods or services;
c. Browse the site or the information without interference, or the information is correct, or the information does not contain any computer viruses or contaminating or destructive;
d. This information does not enable users to objectionable or offensive or any other person; or
e. the information contained or will lead to error, omission or misrepresentation.

BBE of high-quality electrical information does not endorse or recommend any person mentioned, institutions, names, products or services, and the information it does not mean our quality BBE's views or opinions. Society will not participate in high-quality electrical user information with third parties on or through this website transactions, but in writing unless otherwise specified, even if participation is also limited to the extent described.

Information may be subject to the protection of intellectual property law and rights (including without limitation laws protecting copyright). If users download, reproduce, transmit, printed, stored or otherwise use such material, but did not receive prior consent of the owner of these rights, users may violate such laws or rights. 

Limitation of Liability
You clearly understand and agree that the extent permitted by law, whether based on tort, contract, statute or otherwise (including but not limited to negligence, breach of contract, defamation or infringement of intellectual property rights), BBE to the following situations will not users or any third party for any liability:
a. any direct loss;
b. any consequential, indirect, accidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages (including but not limited to loss of revenue or profits, goodwill, use, loss of data or other intangible losses); or
c. User or any other person because the information or use the Site and / or services to be caused or incurred by users of any other person's responsibility.

Services and information on
Unless otherwise expressly indicate otherwise, all services, together with any increase or enhance the services currently provided by the new features are subject to terms and conditions. You acknowledge and agree that quality is no need for any BBE and / or information timeliness, deletion, error or failure to provide to provide any liability.

You know, services and / or information may involve technical processing and transmission
a. through a variety of network transmission; and
b. To follow or adapt to connecting networks or devices to make changes.

Therefore, in any case, if for any connected communication network or provide any delays or failures resulting in all or part of any service failure or inability to obtain all or part of such services and / or information, BBE shall not responsible.

You may (online or otherwise) one or more of the Company completed the registration or application forms in order to use certain services and / or information. Fill out the form, you promise that
a. required to provide personal information about you is true, accurate, current and complete personal identification data;

c. maintain and promptly update your personally identifiable information and other information in order to maintain its true, accurate, current and complete.

If you provide false, inaccurate, outdated and incomplete information, or any other personally identifiable information, or quality BBE has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information untrue, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete, BBE the right to suspend high-quality electrical or terminate your account and refuse you any current or future use of the services and / or information (or any part thereof).

If you are under 18, or for minors or no ability to bear the legal responsibility, then you should use any services and / or information prior to this and other terms of the meaning and consequences consult your parent or guardian's recommendations. Unless you have obtained the consent of your parent or guardian, otherwise, you may provide to the Company of your personally identifiable information. BBE of each user are assumed web site with the use of any services and / or ability required information, and once you use any services and / or information, you immediately make a commitment and ensure that the Company, you have the ability to be .BBE has no obligation to verify the quality of any user's age or ability, but if that user does not have to be any ability to retain our quality BBE may investigate the user or their parent or guardian of such rights, including due to lack of the ability resulting in the company suffered damage or loss of all compensation, or cancel its registration and the right to terminate access to the site.

BBE for the privacy policy of high-quality electrical
Personally identifiable information is subject to our privacy policy regulation. Please refer to our Privacy Policy Statement and Personal Information Collection Statement.

Account identification code and password
When you register online, fill in the form required to account identification code and / or personal password. You are responsible for confidential identification code and password for the account, and according to the account identification code or password for all activities that occur take full responsibility. You agree that
a. In the event of any unauthorized use of your account identification code or password or any other breach of security situation, will immediately notify BBE; and
b. Make sure you visit the website at each end, the identification code from your account or password to exit. BBE can not and will not have high-quality appliances for your failure to comply with the provisions of section 9 of this article arising from liability for any loss or damage.

You acknowledge that the account identification code and password are confidential information, in any case shall not disclose to any person. You breach the confidentiality of any words, actions or behavior, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will result in you, for this reason that all loss or damage caused to BBE responsibility. You shall take all necessary precautions to maintain the account identification code and password confidential. You would like to agree and acknowledge that any person (whether authorized by You) with the account identification code and password to use the service and / or information will form your own use and as a service and / or information. In the event of any actual or potential unauthorized use of the account identification code and a password, you shall immediately notify BBE, and then written to BBE confirm the situation. BBE in Hong Kong received the written confirmation of the former, you have no right to claim against BBE, and electrical appliances to be good for BBE for the use of any services and / or information (whether authorized by You) all suffered losses and damages to BBE responsibility.

You acknowledge and agree that BBE  responsibility is only to verify the account identification code and password, and BBE will need:
a. When the failure is directly or indirectly due to circumstances beyond the control of the company or event caused you to bear, or any other person for failure through various electronic delivery channels or carrying instructions or to perform any obligation in respect of such instruction suffered any loss or damage; or
b. commitment to you or any other person due to the correct account identification code and / or password through various electronic delivery channels to provide the instructions for any loss or damage suffered.

You agree and accept, given the nature of the Internet Society BBE through this website does not guarantee that any transfer of personal or other information or data confidentiality (and refuse to take responsibility). BBE current practice is to take reasonable measures to maintain confidentiality.

The user's responsibility
BBE high-quality appliances allow you access to the material and / or use of this site, you undertake:
a. not to carry out or allow any copyright infringing activities;
b. not to use the information or the right to use this website for any illegal, inappropriate, obscene or defamatory purposes;
c. to take all measures to ensure that the information will not damage the user's data or systems;
d. Make sure your appliances to BBE , are you aware of the information is true and accurate;
e. allow the BBE studies on the use of survey data;
f. accept all the terms contained in BBE disclaimers and limitation of liability;
g. accept from time to time applicable to BBE personal information policy; or
h. BBE without written notice prior to the rights and obligations can not be assigned, transferred, or otherwise transfer to any other person.

Third party websites
This website may contain third party information or links to other sites. Hong Kong Society for Quality appliances from the direct control of any data or other third party sites (whether linked to this website) the operation of or content, does not assume any responsibility. When you start any such connection, you leave this site and the connection of such sites or pages at your own risk borne by BBE  shall not contained in or from such sites or pages for any content, advertising , product liability or other information. You further acknowledge and agree that our quality BBE shall not use or reliance contained in or through any such site or web page of any such content, goods or services, or claims caused by or related to any resulting damage or loss, directly or indirectly responsible or liable. Where other sites without prior consent of our quality and installation of BBE with a link to this site, the BBE reserves the right to quality requirements removed the link.

Transactions with advertisers
You with the site or through third-party advertising services to find the other side communication, business transactions, or participate in their marketing, including the payment of such transactions and delivery of the goods or services, and any other terms , conditions, warranties or representations are only between you and such third parties. You agree that our quality BBE shall not in any such transaction or any advertising on this website of any kind caused by the loss or damage or liability.

Service changes
BBE power at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently Service (or any part thereof) without notice. You agree that BBE services shall not be on any modification, suspension or disruption to you or any third party liability.

You undertake not for any commercial purpose replication, transcription, copy, sell, resell the Services and / or data, its application or use of any part or otherwise be used.

Public disclosure of information
You are sending any content, data or other personally identifiable information, please check whether you are in the public areas of this website to send. If you send in the public sphere, it indicates that you acknowledge the content and delivery of voluntary
a. As long as you elect to continue such content on this website is granted to BBE free of charge worldwide license to copy, modify, adapt and publish such content.
b. Any person may use such content, between the user for each email, or to introduce you to other users. You voluntarily in the public domain of all such content shall not be considered by BBE of collecting high-quality electrical appliances.
c. If any such content referred to as errors, inaccuracies, with libelous, defamatory, indecent, obscene or dangerous ingredients, causing no damage or legal disputes, BBE is not responsible for quality and the right to remove the alleged to inappropriate content, and
our quality integrity of all the contents and assumes no liability positions are.

For (Www.hkele.com.hk) the use, the user agrees to any terms contained herein due to your breach or because of negligence of all losses, damages, claims, demands, liability, proceedings, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees) and expenses, to compensate for BBE and to our quality against loss.

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