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Many modern families will add an oven in their kitchen, but most of them do not have a idea when making a choice of them. Following article will help you to choose a more suitable one in your kitchen. You may also contact us so we may help you to buy a suitable oven.

Free-standing vs built-in oven

Before purchasing an oven, the first thing you need to consider is the oven should be the free-standing or built-in oven. Although it mostly depends on the layout and size of your kitchen, you are also required to take their features into consideration.

Free-standing oven

Free-standing oven can stand on the floor and it will work when being connected to a power supply socket. Usually, there is a kitchen stove attached to it which should be installed into the designated clearance in kitchen counter. The main advantage of free-standing oven is that they can be installed into the modern kitchen in a easy way while its disadvantage is that it is restricted in terms of freedom, what is more, the sense of integration which is manifested in built-in oven is deprived. For some people who have already owned an old kitchen and do not make big adjustment to the layout of it, the independent oven is really a good choice.

Built-in oven

Built-in oven is divided into two categories which are respectively “wall mounted” and “bench mounted”. The former is installed inside the wall or inside the wall cabinet while the latter one is installed under kitchen table or counter. Sense of beauty and flexibility is manifested in the two categories of inserted oven. Compared with stand-alone oven, built-in oven is more integrated into the kitchen generally.

When designing and building a new kitchen, free-standing oven will be a very good choice. Certainly, it can also be installed in the existing kitchen. What is worth mentioning is that built-in oven which is installed inside the wall is more convenient to use, because when you want to check your dinner or you want to take out a plate from it, we do not need to bend while for built-in oven which is installed under kitchen counter, you have to bend all the time. Moreover, built-in oven which is installed inside the wall never takes any space on the ground, which is conductive to save space for your kitchen.

Size of oven

Width of oven

The size of most of the standardized oven is 60 or 90 CM in width whether they are built-in or free-standing while the variation of width of free-standing oven is bigger than that of built-in oven. Its width scope is from 70CM to 150 CM. As for the ovens that are installed under the table, its width can be narrowed to 30 CM. Basically, you can find a suitable oven with suitable size for every kitchen environment.

Size within oven

Although the width of oven will directly determine the size of the whole oven, the most important size is actually the size within the oven, which is also called the capacity. Different ovens with different brands and models have different capacities, especially for small-sized ovens. The buyers should ensure that it has sufficient capacity for cooking, because the width of the oven does not always represent the capacity of the oven. The oven with bigger capacity allows you to bake more food simultaneously, so it is especially suitable for families where parties are often held. Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the layout and number of grills inside the oven. You can select sufficient grills to hold different food and ensure that all the food is roasted evenly.

Number of grills

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the layout and number of grills inside the oven. You can select sufficient grills to hold different food and ensure that all the food is roasted evenly.

Electric oven VS Gas oven VS Steam oven

The next step is to decide whether you should buy an electric oven, a gas oven or a steam oven. Let us introduce all categories of ovens.

Electric oven

The electric oven is usually more economic and affordable then the gas oven whether built-in type or free-standing type, but it still provides many functions and wide universal property. The electric oven can be further divided into “conventional” and “convectional” types. The heat source of the conventional oven comes from its bottom and top heaters with the middle room as the center.

Although the conventional oven is good enough in most cases, nearly all the new ovens are “convectional” type which includes a fan making the heated air within the oven box to circulate all the time so as to achieve fast and even heating. Many electric ovens are also able to provide some convenient preset programs for different cooking ways.

If you are still undecided to buy a conventional type or a convectional type, you can take oven with multi-function into consideration, as you can choose to turn on the fan or not inside the oven.

Gas oven

The premise of using gas oven is that the gas oven must be connected with the gas pipe/outdoor propane/natural gas tank. The important advantage of gas oven is that the heat generated by it is moisturized, which will reduce the risk of excessive drying of food in roasting process. Additionally, the temperature inside the gas oven rises up faster than that of the electric oven, so you are able to control its temperature in a better way. The gas oven can also be the convectional type and the fans within it will make the food heated up evenly.

Steam oven

There is another type of oven which is becoming more and more popular in recent years-the steam oven. It uses steam as the heat media. The steam oven can maintain the natural nutrition of food, at the same time, the food is impossible to be fired in the oven at all. For people who care more about their health and food nutrition, they should select steam oven. You can refer to the article in terms of the advantages and selection of steam oven.


Operation interface and functions

Every family has different preference for the operation interface and functions of ovens. In the following content of the article, some operation interfaces and functions will be introduced for you to consider comprehensively.

Oven cleaning

As the manufacturers of ovens have all realized the fact that cleaning oven is a complicated task for the users, many of the ovens are equipped with self-cleaning function which is mostly based on the method of “pyrolysis” or “catalysis”. The cleaning is realized in the two methods by burning the fat and food residual into ashes which will be easily removed by users with a duster cloth. Other assistant tools designed for cleaning include the inclined base-plates and movable doors. Although the tools will be added on the price, the cleaning mechanism equipped inside the oven will absolutely save you hours of cleaning. For the buyers who are not interested in ovens equipped with self-cleaning function, they should choose the ones which have less internal gaps where the food residual will be hidden(such as bolts and corners and so on).

Operation interface

There are many choices of interface for ovens. The more important aspects when choosing the interface of a oven are actual usage and aesthetics. Although from the perspective of overall kitchen design, the touching plate seems to be very intelligent, it will be inconvenient for the users whose hands are in gloves or washed. Additionally, when choosing the gas oven, the users should also consider whether there is a automatic firing gadget to light the gas.

Cooking helper

Many ovens are equipped with internal cooking procedure which will automatically adjust the cooking time according to the weight of food so as to help you cook food freely. Many people in modern cities find it very useful, because it saves a lot of time of preparing food without checking recipe every time.


Another important oven function is the timer which will track and record the time left for cooking or make prompt sound when the oven is overwork.


If you often forget to turn off the oven, it is very important to choose a oven with the function of automatic turning-off. In this way, the oven will turn off when it operates for a certain period of time so as to prevent accidents.

Bright light

A bright light inside the oven which will help you a lot. It provides a clear vision for you to observe the food so that you are able to master the cooking process from time to time. Some of the ovens are even equipped with some lights whose brightness can be adjusted so that you can adjust it to a lower brightness when waiting for dishes being cooked for a long time.

Doors and windows

The doors and windows of oven are particularly important. Firstly, you should be able to check whether the food is ready or not without opening the doors every time. A good oven will be equipped with a big and clear window for observation(the one without frame is better). Secondly, you need to consider that whether the doors of the oven are thick enough so as to contain the heat inside. This is not just a problem of efficiency, but a problem of safety. Imagine that there is a infant in the room, the oven door with high temperature will bring extreme danger. Finally, it is the installation style of the door. A good design will let food be taken inside and outside the oven smoothly. As the hinge can be set on the left, right and bottom of the door, you can choose the most convenient style for opening the door according to the layout of your kitchen.

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