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Which Oven Is Best? A Guide on How to Choose an Oven with Recommendations for 2024 Built-in and Small Ovens


When selecting the right oven, various factors need to be considered, such as the oven brand (popular brands like German Pool, Bosch, Panasonic, Electrolux, etc.), the oven's features and characteristics, as well as the price, among others. The following ultimate oven shopping guide summarizes our 20 years of professional oven sales experience, combines user feedback, and provides a detailed comparison of different types of ovens, steam ovens, and air fryer ovens. We also offer budget-specific recommendations for discounted and high-quality oven brands and models, ranging from HKD1,000 to over HKD10,000. Each recommended oven is safe and easy to use, in compliance with the Consumer Council's safety guidelines.


Different types of ovens have unique features, suitable for various household cooking needs. Below, we compare the characteristics of different ovens to help you choose the oven that best suits your needs:


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