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There are a lot of wine lovers in Hong Kong. However, there has always been a lack of information of wine cooler on the Internet. BBE often receives inquiries about the wine cooler from customers, such as which brand is better (traditional brand like Eurocave and Vintec or home appliance brand Gaggenau?), what is the difference among wine coolers with different principles and designs, how about the price difference among different wine coolers, how to adjust the wine cooler temperature, etc. The following passage will present respective comparisons among all kinds of wine coolers and provide you with the basic knowledge before choosing a wine cooler.



Single temperature zone VS Double temperature zone


Many customers of BBE have mistakenly believe that white wine and red wine should be stored with different temperatures. In fact, for collecting or aging white wine and red wine, they should be stored at about 12-14 celsius degree. The double temperature zone wine cooler (or multiple temperature zone wine cooler) can separate red wine and white wine, following the basic principle of wine with a larger capacity being stored at a higher temperature, or wine with a smaller capacity at a lower temperature.



Single temperature zone wine cooler

In order to use a single temperature zone wine cooler to store red wine and white wine at the same time, it is best to adjust the temperature to 12-14 celsius degree. Different types of single temperature - area wine coolers have their own ideal temperature setting, but the temperature at 12 celsius degree can ensure a moderate temperature for red wine in case that the quality of wine should not be affected only with its ripening process being slowed down even this temperature is much too lower for some kinds of red wine.


Double temperature zone wine cooler

We may use double temperature zone wine cooler to store white wine and red wine for taste by independently adjusting the temperature of two areas. Temperature of the area used for storing red wine can be set at 10-18 celsius degree, while temperature of area for storing white wine can be set at 7-10 celsius degree.


So, the choice depends on your use (storage or taste). Of course, the double temperature zone wine cooler (or multiple temperature zone wine cooler) can make your use more flexible, meeting your demands for storage and taste at the same time.




Standalone VS Built-in


Now, we will explain the difference between standalone wine coolers and embedded wine coolers, as the most common and the most important issue.


Standalone wine cooler

As the standalone wine cooler has no front heat–dissipation fan, it will have no room around for heat–dissipation due to the application of embedded design. Different types of wine coolers have different ventilation and heat–dissipation requirements. For example, some standalone wine coolers are equipped with rear heat–dissipation, so the reserve space is needed in the back of the wine cooler, or you can put the wine cooler into the cooler with enough space on all sides (it’s usually recommended to reserve in advance space of at least 5-10 cm, which varies for different wine coolers.You can consult our professional consultants). So, a good air circulation can be achieved in the top, bottom and rear of the wine cooler for normal heat-dissipation.


Built-in wine cooler

Due to the popularity of open home furnishing, embedded electrical appliances are also increasingly popular in Hong Kong. The embedded wine cooler, with a front heat - dissipation fan, is fitted into the cooler or other enclosed spaces, so there is no need to particularly reserve space around the cooler for heat-dissipation. The appearance design of the embedded device can be more flexible and variable (stainless steel design could be applied around the glass door that could even be covered by pieces of wood), with a good match with surrounding kitchen appliances in an integration form.





Principle of wine coolers


In the next step this article discusses the operating principle of the wine cooler, which includes thermoelectric cooling and the compressor. Some relatively small wine coolers often use the thermoelectric cooling (to produce a cooling effect through the flow between two different conducts), and others use the compressor. Which one will be better and more suitable for you?


Semiconductor wine cooler

Semiconductor wine cooler often uses the thermoelectric cooling technology with a semiconductor cooler. After connecting to the power supply, the DC current will pass through the cooling components, of which one side refrigerates and the other produces heat. Heat is discharged by the heat-dissipation device, and frozen air enters into the wine cooler through the fan in the cooler.


Semiconductor wine cooler is equipped with electronic semiconductor cooling system, basically with no vibration, which is usually quiet, energy – saving and suitable for small space or living area. Without large cooling system, space for utilization inside the wine cooler is large, the weight of the cooler is relatively light, making good use of every inch of space,. Besides it’s positive for environmental protection and without secondary pollution of cooling agents. However, the semiconductor wine cooler generally has a temperature control range of only 10-18 celsius degree, which cannot be used at higher indoor temperature, with relatively long cooling time.



Compressor wine cooler

Compressor wine cooler will use refrigerants, like refrigerators. The compressor cooling system consists of a compressor, a condenser, a throttling member and an evaporator, connected by a copper pipe into a closed system. The cooling agent is added to the system in order to reduce the internal temperature by circulating in the pipe.


Compressor wine cooler is usually heavier, with a bigger operating sound than that of the semiconductor wine cooler, but it is high – efficiency of refrigerating with short re-refrigerating time. Refrigeration time of compressor is about 20% -30% of the electronic cooling time (three to four times faster).Also, it has a better refrigerating effect and a temperature control range (5-22 celsius degree)( only 10-18 celsius degree for the semiconductor wine cooler).And the compressor wine cooler is little impacted by environment temperature. Even in high - temperature environment, the temperature inside the wine cooler is still ideal for wine storage. But the temperature inside the semiconductor wine cooler can only be lower than the environment temperature by 6-8 celsius degree.

Some models of compressor wine coolers will use frequency conversion technology, so the compressor only works intermittently, leading to a longer service life.


Several important considerations of the purchase of wine coolers are described in the above. So, which capacity should be selected, or which brand of wine coolers is trustable?


Size of wine coolers


When choosing the wine cooler, most customers are concerned about the capacity (usually, the greater the capacity is, the larger the cooler size is), which depends on a number of factors, including the space size, the position (for example, under the counter or on the counter), the size of the collected object, and the growth expectation (to what extent to expand collection).


In general, it is needed to choose a capacity of 25-50% more than your existing wine collection. For those who have many years of habit of storing wine will know that, in addition to the existing capacity required, extra space should be left as much as possible for more wine to cope with some entertainments or parties and wine lovers, like what is recommended in the Apple Daily. In BBE, there are many types of wine coolers with capacity of from less than 20 pieces to more than 200 pieces to meet different needs.






Many people think that wine coolers are very expensive, but it is not true. Wine cooler prices will depend on the brand, design and size. In BBE, there are nearly 20 brands of wine coolers, such as Vintec, Vinvautz, EuroCave, etc. The wine cooler prices are various from two thousand to several tens of thousand (HKD) to meet different needs. Now, we will introduce some of more common wine cooler brands.











VinTEC, the Danish brand, is special for wine cooler brand with more than 15 years of history, whose capacity is from 18 pieces to 120 pieces and prices are from three thousand to several tens of thousands dollar.

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Vinvautz, renowned for its advanced TE ™ technology, offers a shockless storage space for wine brewing with electronic temperature control, mobile shelves and other functions, holding 8 – 200 pieces of wine to meet different needs. Wine cooler prices vary from $1000 to $10000, which is suitable for customers with limited budget but a need for high - quality wine coolers.

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ArteVino is founded in 1996 and located in northern France, whose wine coolers are manufactured in France, with capacity of about 200 pieces of wine. The first energy-saving and carbon-saving Oxygen series of wine coolers were launched in 2011 to effective and significantly reduce the electric capacity. Among them, the solid door series of products also won the highest score A + from EU EIA. As a young and emerging brand under France EuroCave (leader in the wine cooler industry), ArteVino products will be more affordable ($15,000 to $20,000) than that of EuroCave.

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EuroCave, from the hometown of wine – France, is an indispensable brand of the wine cooler. As a 40-year-old wine cooler originator, EuroCave is the first one to specially produce wine coolers, whose wine coolers developed and produced by the French factories in the natural wine cellar. The capacity varies from 12 to more than 200 pieces of wine at $15000 – $50000 dollar, which is suitable for senior private wine collectors, senior hotels, bars, clubs and other places.

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In addition to the above-mentioned specialized wine cooler brands, some home appliances brands also launch wine coolers, such as Gaggenau and Miele (German home appliances brands), whose wine coolers are mostly in new silver-white but not traditional black or brown, coupled with a very contemporary design, to be the pursuit of many high-taste customers.


Should you have any questions regarding choosing or buying a wine cooler. You may contact us via facebook or visit our stores located in Mong Kok, Causeway Bay and Tuen Mun! We will offer you the best price with shipping services.

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