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Choosing range hood


Cooking fumes will pollute the kitchen, cause respiratory diseases once they get into the human body, and even cause cancer. In particular, many Hong Kong people prefer fried food, resulting in more fumes, so range hood is highly recommended for your kitchen. However, many customers know less about the range hood, which is one of necessary electrical appliances in kitchen of Hong Kong. So we will introduce advantages, selection and installation of different range hoods.


Recirculation vs Ducted


Range hoods can be divided into the recirculation type, ducted type and combination type according to their principle.


Ducted type

Exhaust-type range hoods, only suitable for use in some Hong Kong families, must be equipped with exhaust pipe, whose operation principle is that the cooking fume is inhaled by the exhaust fan inside the cooking fume hood and exhaust to the outdoor through the exhaust pipe and the hole in the wall, which can be very effective in discharging fume and hot air and keeping the kitchen or room refreshing. But, the exhaust holes need to be set in the wall or in the window to introduce fresh air. In the past, these range hoods are equipped with oil-absorbing nets to filter grease, which are replaced by oil-collecting cups to exhaust efficiently. For users who prefer to use high fire to fry or like food with a strong taste, exhaust-type range hoods are more appropriate.



  1. To directly discharge odor, grease, heat and so on
  2. To reduce noise
  3. Do not require periodical replacement of the activated carbon filter, resulting in a lower long-term operating cost
  4. A higher airflow speed (more efficient suction and filtration) as no filter nets is included
  5. Continued introduction of fresh air, and discharge of hot air from the kitchen


  1. The lack of exhaust holes, for a part of kitchens due to the structure (the hood is not at the window) or space problems
  2. Higher initial cost, such as fees for fume tube and its installation
  3. Warm air is continuously lost in winter and cold air in summer

Recirculation type

Recirculation type hood do not need exhausting holes for installation, can be fitted with all kitchens in Hong Kong. Cooking fume is filtered by passing through two filters, including the outer oil-suction net and the inner activated carbon filter, and then discharged into the kitchen. For a kitchen with no vent holes, this type of range hood can be chosen. For the family that likes slow fire to steam and boil with low odor and fume, the recirculation type range hood is also very suitable. Efficiency of recirculation hood is closely related to the purifying performance of the carbon filter. With the appropriate thickness, sufficient activity and tight structure, the filter will have a better effect.



  1. Easy to install
  2. Do not require exhaust pipe and can be installed in any kitchen
  3. Lower initial cost as no fume tube is needed
  4. Heating in the winter or cold air in the summer will not be lost



  1. To replace a filter net for about a few months or six months with the increased long-term operating cost
  2. With no fresh air being introduced, hot air can’t get discharged from the kitchen

Combined type

Combined type range hood is qualified with both characteristics of exhaust type range hood and recirculation type range hood, but only one exhaust principle can be selected in installation. To install the pipe, the carbon filter will be removed for an exhaust type range hood, but on the contrary with no exhaust pipe, a recirculation type range hood can be obtained.


Size of range hood

For the selection of the range hood size, you should refer to the surface area of the cooking stove. To absorb most of the food fume accurately, the hood should cover at least the entire stove. Of course, the larger the range hood is, the more expensive the price is, but it is absolutely worthy to use a larger range hood to cover a larger stove. For the cooking stove with 3 burners, a range hood with width of 120cm should be chosen, and if with 2 burners, a range hood with width of 90cm should be chosen. Also, you may choose range hood with width of 70cm, 60cm or other smaller models.



In addition to the principle and size of range hoods, we should also consider exhaust volume during selection of range hood. In order to suck fume and reduce human inhalation, it is required to understand concept of “exhaust volume”. Although manufacturers measure exhaust volume in different ways, the exhaust air volume will be the most worthy of reference. Many Hong Kong people like Chinese cuisine needing big fire for fry, so the hood with high exhaust volume is needed to suck most of fume. If you have a larger number of family members, or if your family members are particularly fond of fried food, you should choose hoods with high exhaust volume of about 1,000 cubic meters or more per hour (about 17 cubic meters per minute). If you have a less number of family members, or if your family members are particularly fond of western food, you could choose hoods with high exhaust volume of about 800 cubic meters or more per hour (about 16 cubic meters per minute). In a word, you can choose the appropriate exhaust hood according to the actual situation. But remember that, the larger the exhaust volume is, the larger power consumption is.

The fan speed can also be used for reference. With the fan speed of 1300RPM or more per minute, it will have a better fume absorption effect. Even fan speed of 3000RPM is achieved by some manufacturers. The fan speed has a direct relationship with its friction whose speed also directly affects the generated noise. You may visit our showrooms in Mong Kok, Causeway Bay and Tuen Mun to see if the noise range is appropriate.


Notes on the installation of the range hood

The range hood is advisable to be installed right above your cooking hob so as to absorb all the rising fumes. At least 65 cm is required between the gas cooking hob and the range hood, and at least 55 cm is required between the induction cooker and the range hood, but if longer, the effectiveness of sucking fumes will be affected. For the exhausted type range hood, you will need to consider whether the exhaust pipe is too long with a lot of bends, because a straighter and shorter one will have a better exhaust effect.


For the purchase from BBE, a one-stop service from delivery to installation will be provided, and our professional technicians will determine the appropriate installation location based on the manufacturer's instructions and your actual home environment



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