Electric Oven VS Gas Oven

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Eletric oven and Gas oven

Many people do not know whether to choose an electric oven or a gas oven for the kitchen. In short, a gas oven mainly generates heat through burning gas while an electric oven generates by electrifying electric coils. Main differences lie in the way to generate heat.Electric oven, however, has numerous advantages compared to gas oven.

Energy efficiency of electric oven

The oven is originally a kitchen appliance with relatively low energy efficiency because most of the heat generated by the oven will be absorbed by the oven wall and only a small part of heat can be truly used in baking food. Through a direct comparison between electric oven and gas oven, we can find that electric oven consumes less energy than the gas oven.
For example, a typical gas oven only converts 6% of the energy it absorbed into the heat for baking, namely a lot of electricity (94%) will be lost in vain, because of incomplete combustion and the fact that the heat will be discharged through the oven flue or exhaust pipe. A typical electric oven can convert 12%-13% of energy into the heat for baking, with double performance difference.


The installation of electric ovens is simpler with a lower cost compared to the installation of gas ovens. The gas oven relies on the external fuel inserted through pipeline so you have to hire the gas company to connect the gas pipeline into your home to install a gas oven. If you already have gas connecting device in the house which is not connected into your kitchen, you will hire another mechanic to install some pipes, which is not necessary for installing an electric oven. You only need to insert the plug into the socket to use it immediately as easily as operate a refrigerator or a fan.

Baking performance

Compared to the gas oven, electric oven has a relatively stable and uniform baking temperature. Stable heat will easily guarantee that the food will be heated uniformly in case of being burned. The flame is also used in a gas oven so the heat is sometimes hard to be predicted. The heating coils by electricity, however, will stabilize the output of heat.

Nowadays, many electric ovens will install a fan in the electric oven to achieve the constant cycle of heat so as to help with stabilizing the temperature for heating food.


Gas oven is also different from the electric oven in the humid heat generated inside, which helps to keep the humidity of food while the electric oven will only generate a dry heat. A dry heat may not be an ideal way to bake bread or other food, which is good for other cooking such as making dry fruits or dehydrating for meat. Besides, many tiny methods can be adopted to increase the internal humidity for electric ovens.

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