EURO CAVE V-INSP-S-4S-TG 單溫區紅酒櫃 (29 瓶) (玻璃門板)

Inspiration range

Small model (V-INSP-S)

1 temperature, built-in and integrable

With its range of temperatures between 5° and 20°C, this wine cabinet is perfect for ageing your wines. You can also convert it to a wine serving cabinet dedicated only to your white or red wines. This model forms part of EuroCave's inspiration range: available in built-in or integrated versions, these wine cabinets have been especially designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen.

  • Function: Ageing
  • Number of temperatures: 1 temperature
  • Size: Small (S)
  • Door type: Technical glass door

You can fit it with sliding shelves fitted with Main du sommeliers, storage shelves and even add a sliding serving shelf allowing you to store opened bottles upright. You can store up to a maximum of 30 bottles with 1 sliding shelf and 1 storage shelf.

Technical information

Function Single temperature cabinet, for maturing or serving wine

Temperature 5°C - 20°C

External operating temperature 12°C - 35°C

Bottle capacity Premium Pack 29 bottles

Consumption 125kWh/year - Energy class A *

Sound emission 38 bB(A)

Feet 4 adjustable feet, choice of 3 types of feet

Door types  technical glass

Lock Yes **

Lighting Identical LED mood lighting on all shelves

Alarms Sensor, charcoal filter, humidity, temperature and door fault alarms

Reversible door Yes

Volumn 100 litres

Size (mm) # 810 h x 594 w x 597 d

Weight *** 62 kg

* Energy consumption calculated based on results obtained over 24 hours in standard test conditions (25°C / 77°F) with a full glass door. Actual energy consumption depends on the operating conditions and location of the appliance.

** Only on stainless steel glass and full glass door.

*** For full glass door + Premium Pack - # 594: filler strips fastened to the cabinet


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EURO CAVE V-INSP-S-4S-TG 單溫區紅酒櫃 (29 瓶) (玻璃門板)

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