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Taada YS1601FM 16.0 L/min LP Gas Water Heater


Taada 多田牌



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Taada YS1601FM 16.0 L/min LP Gas Water Heater

YS1601FM - LPG
Remote control type * [remote control: an additional purchase]
Slim, beautiful
Computer automated, digital thermostats
Hot water temperature can be pre-selected, which means that the heat
Environmental protection: heat does not lead
Frequency blower, motor and exhaust to the air
Sealed combustion chamber, ensuring no bathroom exhaust
With seven kinds of safety devices (with leakage power tripping)
Designed to prevent water seepage new
Exhaust: Embedded back the balance of the chimney
Out of hot water:
Temperature 25 ℃ - 16 liters / minute
Temperature 40 ℃ - 10 liters / minute
Minimum actuation flow: 2.5 l / min
The hot water temperature: 35-49 ℃, 50-60 ℃
LPG - 20A (R 1 / 2); Gas - 20A (R 1 / 2)
Cold water - 15A (R 1 / 2); hot water - 15A (R 1 / 2)
Air consumption:
Gas - the highest: 35kW; minimum: 6.2kW
Gas - up: 35kW; minimum: 6.2kW
Power consumption: 55W (when used)
Power: AC220V 50Hz
White / S: Silver
Weight: 17.4KG
W350 H586 D76 (mm)



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