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Home-Cooking-Hoods-Wall Mount (Asian Type) hoods-Athens WH-600SIEC 60cm Detachable Cookerhood
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Athens WH-600SIEC 60cm Detachable Cookerhood


Athens 金雅典



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Athens WH-600SIEC 60cm Detachable Cookerhood

Sleeve Jane style kitchen on the choice.
Appearance to attract: the use of brushed stainless steel body, glistening appearance.
Slim: body only 12.5 cm, clean lines and beautiful.
The suction power: stainless steel, single motor suction performance strong.
Equipped: computer switch lights and soft lighting set into the transparent oil cup.
leaning is simple: no need to remove the blades can be cleaned, simple and convenient.
Size: 600 mm (W) x 125 mm (high) x 520 mm



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