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Sharp KI-AB60-W 49sq ft Air Purifier


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Sharp KI-AB60-W 49sq ft Air Purifier

Purification Method: HD Plasmacluster Ion / Fan
PCI Density: 25,000ions/cm³
Automatic Operation by Sensor: Yes (Odor/ Dust / Humidity)
Air Flow Mode: Auto (PCI/Energy Saving/Flower Pollen) / Maximum / Medium / Silent
Air Flow Rate(m3/hr):
Clean Air mode:
410 (Maximum)/300 (Medium)/90 (Silent)
Clean Air & Humidify mode:
410 (Maximum)/300 (Medium)/130 (Silent)
Special Mode: Clean Air, Clean Ion Shower, Clean Air & Humidify
Air Quality Indicator  
Filter: HEPA Filter with Microbial Control / Active Carbon & Silica Gel Deodorizing Filter / Deformaldehyde Filter / Humidifying Filter
Applicable Floor Area: 49m2
Power Source: 220V, 50Hz
Power Consumption(W):
Clean Air mode:
62W (Maximum) / 36W (Medium) / 7W (Silent)
Clean Air & Humidify mode:
63W (Maximum) / 37W (Medium) / 10W (Silent)
Outside Dimensions: W410 x H684 x D340 mm
Weight: Approx. 13kg



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