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Winix AW600 Air Washer with Plasmawave




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Winix AW600 Air Washer with Plasmawave

1. Winix releases water molecules, which are millionth smaller than that of general "humidifiers" or “humidifiers with air purification" in the air, and the size of Winix’s water molecules are even 0.1-0.4 nanometers (nm) smaller than bacteria, so that  bacteria cannot attach on it, would not release water molecules with bacteria. This can transform the moist and contaminated big water molecule / uncomfortable, into clean and small water molecules / comfortable.
2. A unique patented technology Plasmawave ion purification and release of ultra-fine water molecules are completely clean, harmless. Also in conjunction with the release of positive and negative ions to help purify the air has been contaminated.
3. Hong Kong people often use air-conditioners can cause indoor air very dry, damage to health. Therefore, Winix release of ultra-fine water molecules (less than 0.005 microns), to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor humidity (40% -60%).
4. The only "South Korean government official Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology" certification and recommended air washers. Winix air purification function bring more security and clean indoor air purification for mothers, infants and children.
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