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Hitachi PS-140MJ 14kg Tub Washer


Hitachi 日立


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Hitachi PS-140MJ 14kg Tub Washer

Model: PS-140MJ

Washing Capacity: 14.0 kg
Air Jet Drying: 12.0 kg
Spin speed: 1,300 rpm

Beat Blade Pulsator
Sensor Lock Safety System
Collars & Cuffs Washboard
Wash Action Selector : Soft / Normal / Drain
Wash Timer : Max 35 min.
Spin Timer : Max : 7 min.
Wash Level Selector (3 Levels)

Washing Capacity: 14 kg
Power supply
Volt: 220 to 240
He: 50
Power consumption
Laundry: 300/340 watts
Drying: 300/320 watts
Water level:
High: 134 liters
In: 120 liters
Low: 92 liters
Water consumption (standard procedure): 120 liters
Drying speed (clothing): 1,300 revolutions per minute
Body size
Width: 975 mm (not including drains)
Height: 1,128 mm
Depth: 571 mm
Net weight: 49 kg
Color: Gray



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