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Siemens WM14Q478BU Front Loaded Washer


Siemens 西門子


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Siemens WM14Q478BU Front Loaded Washer

Laundry capacity: 8 kg
Spin speed (rev / min): 400-1400 turn
Laundry number of procedures: Fifteen
Remaining time display (hours):  Preset program start time 1-24 hours
European energy efficiency class A +++
Magnetic Mount frequency brushless fight
Green energy-saving mode
Ying-wave washing drum
Shockproof side wall of the spiral pattern design
Seamless touch-button design
LED multifunction display
Remaining time display
Program completion horn
Gradual dehydration wrinkle system
Dimensions (W x H x D) inches:  W23.6 H32.3 D 21.7
Body Chicun: width x height x depth (mm):  W 600 H820 D550
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