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Sharp AFA7PA 3/4HP Window-Split Type Air-Conditioner


Sharp 聲寶


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Sharp AFA7PA 3/4HP Window-Split Type Air-Conditioner

2015/11/25前 Before2015/11/25 能源標籤 energy label :1
2015/11/25後 After 2015/11/25 能源標籤 energy label :2

Catechin Deodorizing Filter
Catechin Deodorizing Filter not only suppresses germs and viruses but also filter out contaminants and dust in the air. It also removes disgusting odors in order to provide a fresh and cool environment to you.
Auto Swing Airflow
The louvers swing left and right automatically, spreading cool air throughout the room.
Blue Anti-Rust Coating
The Blue Anti-Rust Coating protects condenser from corrosion, prolonging the life of the air conditioner.
Rotary Compressor
Rotary compressor enhances cooling performance and provides quiet operation.
Easy Sliding Chassis
Sliding chassis ensures easy installation and maintenance.
Type:Cooling Type
Energy Label:Grade 2
Cooling Capacity(BTU/h):6800
Power Consumption(W):710
Airflow Volume(m3/hr):350
Dehumidifying Capacity(L/hr):0.8
Rated Current(A):4.55
Voltage & Frequency(V, Hz):220 / 50
Dimensions(W x H x D):450 x 350 x 580

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