Hibachi HY-12VG/VT (LPG) 12L/min LP Gas Water Heater

Hibachi   HY-12VG/VT (LPG)   12L/min LP Gas Water Heater

Smart thermostat water heaters
1) full combustion, high efficiency, energy conservation, reducing nitrogen oxides to produce, environmentally-friendly.
2) the flow sensor to control the ignition and work, easy to operate, ultra-low water pressure start.
3) The ionization flame control sensitivity.
4) the use of low-noise high-speed fans, to force the combustion exhaust gas discharged outdoors.
5) smart thermostats, hot water will be stable.
Size (mm)
Length: 555 mm
Width: 340 mm
High: 155 mm
Weight (kg): 15.5 kg
Capacity: 12/min
Fuel type: LPG
Connect the trachea: a half-inch weaving hose / 9.5 hose
Ignition way: automatic continuous water control pulse ignition
Exhaust: balance force exhaust type (top row / back row)



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