Hibachi HY-12VTS 12L/min Town Gas Water Heater

Hibachi   HY-12VTS   12L/min Town Gas Water Heater

Brushed Steel surface smart thermostats water heater
1) unique brushed steel surfaces gorgeous design, not easy to scratch or discoloration.
2) full combustion, high efficiency, energy conservation, reducing nitrogen oxides to produce, environmentally-friendly.
3) the flow sensor to control the ignition and work, easy to operate, ultra-low water pressure start.
4) The ionization flame control sensitivity.
5) the use of low-noise high-speed fans, to force the combustion exhaust gas discharged outdoors.
6) smart thermostat design, hot water will stable, hot summer, low water temperature of 36 degrees can be achieved.
Size (mm)
Length: 535 mm
Width: 340 mm
High: 155 mm
Weight (kg): 15.5 kg
Capacity: 12L/min
Fuel type: Town Gas
Connect the trachea: a half-inch weaving hose / 9.5 hose
Ignition way: automatic continuous water control pulse ignition
Exhaust: balance force exhaust type (back row)



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