Taada YS1002FMT 10.0 L/min Town Gas Water Heater

Taada   YS1002FMT   10.0 L/min Town Gas Water Heater

YS1002FMT: Gas
5 of simultaneous adjustment of fire and water, fire, flexibility in adjusting the water temperature
Instantaneous water temperature regulating function after
Seven kinds of safety devices
High-tech environmentally friendly materials, reduce the surface paint on the air pollution
Original parts imported from Japan
Streamlined slim
Knob to keep separate two colors to choose from
To the exhaust method: sealed balanced forced to back out of the exhaust / sealed balanced force to the top of the exhaust
Air consumption:
Gas - the highest: 20.5kW 1.50kg/hr; minimum: 4.5kW 0.32kg/hr
Gas - up: 20.5kW 74.00MJ/hr; minimum: 4.5kW 16.20MJ/hr
Power Consumption: 70W
Out of hot water: temperature 25 ℃ - 10.0L/min; temperature 40 ℃ - 6.0L/min
Minimum flow rate for: 3.0L/min
Piano black / white flashing
Weight: 13.5KG
W335 H540 D135 (mm)



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