German Pool DEX12 Instantaneous Water Heater (1PE)

-54% German Pool   DEX12   Instantaneous Water Heater (1PE)
German Pool Instantaneous Water Heater is equipped with dynamic flow control technology. The power consumption is controlled in accordance with ambient temperature and flow rate up to the rated capacity in order to obtain precisely the set outlet temperature and to keep it constant.
Multiple Power System MPS® : power rating can be set at 8.8 kW or 12 kW upon installation
Electronically-controlled with IES® bare wire heating system
Twin Temperature Control (TTC®), for precise hot water supply
Electronic safety system with temperature and pressure cut-off
Digital display screen
2 programmable buttons to easily adjust to your favourite temperatures
Easy installation with various connection possibilities
Compatible with solar heating system
1-phase electric power only
Power Setting 8.8 kW / 12 kW
Voltage 220-240V/50-60 Hz / 220-240V/50-60 Hz
Electric Current 36.6A-40A / 47.7A-52.2A
Power Consumption 8.0-9.6 kW / 10.5-12.5 kW
Power Supply (1 Phase / 3 Phase) 1 PE / 1 PE
Hot Water Flow Rate Per Minute* 4.5 L / 5.9 L
Required Cable Size (mm²) 10 mm²
Temperature Adjustment 20-55 °C
Testing Pressure 10 Bar
Colour White
Dimensions (H) 466 (W) 231 (D) 97 mm
Packing Dimensions (H) 533 (W) 290 (D) 164 mm
Net Weight 3.2 kg
Net Weight: Filled with Water 3.7 kg
Gross Weight With Packing 4.64 kg
VDE Approval / VDE Class IP 25 / Class 1
Certification / Standard VDE/GS
Other Certification IEC60335-1 (ed.4),IEC60335-2-35 (ed.4)
Warranty Term 1 Year

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