Rasonic RWH-C25 25L Central Storage Type Electric Water Heater

Rasonic RWH-C25 25L Central Storage Type Electric Water Heater
25L capcaity
Energy Efficiency Grade 1
Stainless steel water tank
Built-in Anti-vacuum valve
Color: White
Rated power 3,000W
Stainless steel water tank
Slim design and rustless-proof enclosure
Automatic temperature control
Overheat thermal cutout and Pressure & Temperature Relief (90-95℃/1,000kPa)
Built-in Anti-vacuum valve, which can prevent hot water from syphoning back to supply pipe during abnormal situation, and avoid damaging the water tank
"5-minute target" sound reminder
10-year warranty for stainless steel water tank
20-month on-site full warranty service
30-month warranty for heating element and thermostat
2 different models for selection: RWH-C25A1 (Pressure & Temperature valve is located on the left hand side) and RWH-C25A2 (Pressure & Temperature valve is located on the right hand side)
Rated Voltage 220 Volt (V)
Frequency 50 Hertz (Hz)
Energy Label Grade 1
Type Central Storage Type
Temperature level Room temperature to 75℃
Temperature indicator •
Overheat protection 85℃
Product dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 310 x 310 x 685
Water Supply Pressure Less than 900kPa (9bar)
Testing Pressure 2,000kPa (20bar)
Pipe Connection 1/2"
Preheat Time 25 to 35 minutes
Weight (Net weight) (Approx.) 12 kilogram (KG)
Weight (Full Tank) (Approx.) 37 kilogram (KG)
Output Pipe Connection x2(Cold & Hot water supply)
Water Proof Standard IPX1
Built-in Anti-vacuum Valve •

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