Sharp R830B(ST) Microwave Oven

-5% Sharp R830B(ST) Microwave Oven
25-litre Easy-to-clean Stainless Steel Cavity
850W Microwave Output Power
Grill Heating System
1300W output power, Perfect cooking results with a crispy, brown finish for gratin, pizza, etc.
Convection Fan for Baking or Roasting
The built-in convection fan circulates heat evenly, ensuring an even temperature throughout the oven interior. Perfect for baking cake, muffins and pie.
Mix Cooking
A powerful combination of microwave cooking with convection or microwave cooking with grill heater makes meals with crispy brown finish easier and faster than normal cooking.
10 Auto Cook Menus
Equipped with various auto menus includes auto reheat, potato, meat, vegetable, fish, pasta, soup, cake, pizza, chicken
Weight / Time Defrost
5 Power Levels
Child Lock
Outside Dimensions 
(W x H x D) (mm)
513 x 306 x 466
Oven attribute
Amp 13A
Litre 30L Below
Origin China
Type Microwave

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  • HK$1,880
  • HK$1,780

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