Panasonic NNDF383B

-20% Panasonic NNDF383B
Cooking Power :
(1) Microwave : 1,000W
(2) Grill : (Upper)1,000W / (Lower)600W
(3) Oven : 100°C-220°C
"Inverter" can control the microwave power more delicately than conventional system, and help save cooking time/electricity power
4-Way Cooking :
(1) Micro Power
(2) Grill
(3) Combination of Microwave and Grill
(4) Oven
Simultaneous combination cooking shorten the cooking time
"Inverter" Turbo Defrost
Sensor Reheat
Auto menu : 20 catagories
"FLAT & WIDE" model,No Turntable
Touch & Dial panel
Child Safety Lock
Colour : Black(Mirror Screen)
Dimension: H310 W483 D396 (mm)


Oven attribute
Amp 13A
Litre 30L Below
Origin China
Type Mircowave Oven

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