GAGGENAU EB385110 90cm Built-in Electric Oven

GAGGENAU EB385110 90cm Built-in Electric Oven
Main facts:
11 heating methods, with core temperature probe and baking stone function
Electronic temperature control from 50 °C to 300 °C
78 litres net volume
Heating methods:
Hot air.
Hot air + bottom heat.
Full surface grill + hot air.
Full surface grill.
Compact grill.
Bottom heat.
1/3 top + bottom heat.
Top + bottom heat.
Top + 1/3 bottom heat.
Top heat.
Baking stone function.
Function display.
Core temperature probe with automatic shut-off.
Baking stone socket.
Actual temperature display.
Timer functions: cooking time, cooking time end, timer, long-term timer.
100 W halogen light on the top.
Thermally insulated door with quintuple glazing.
Child lock.
Safety shut-off.
Cooled housing with temperature protection.
Gaggenau enamel.
Heated air cleaning catalyser.
Grease filter in front of hot air fan.
Energy efficiency class C.
Total connected load 4.8 kW.
Plan a connection cable.
Oven attribute
Litre 70-79L
Size 90CM
Type Pure Oven

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