BOSCH HBC84E653B 36 Litres Built-In Microwave Oven

BOSCH HBC84E653B 36 Litres Built-In Microwave Oven
Heating type : 
-Hot air, 
-Microwave and oven combination, 
-Hot air grilling,
-Radiant grill small area, 
-Radiant grill large area
5 microwave power settings: 
1000 W, 600W, 360W, 180W, 90W
4 automatic defrost programmes
11 automatic programmes
Minute timer
With Inverter technology
Self-cleaning catalytic back liner
Large digital display for displaying cooking times and time of day
Pop-out controls Electronic retractable rotary knob
Control panel height 96mm: for a perfect horizontal combination with panorama appliances
Metal touch control
Hot-air fan off/on when oven door opened/closed
U-shape glass on metal door design
Elongated halogen light
Bar handle
Drop-down door
Child lock
Technical Information:
Capacity: 36 l
Microwave power: 1000 W (Maximum)
Total connected load: 3.24 kW (20A Single phase connection)
Depth with open door 90 degree (mm)  899mm
Dimensions of the product (mm) : H454 x W595 x D563 mm
Cavity dimensions (mm) : H242 x W430 x D345 mm
Made in England 
2 years warranty
Oven attribute
Amp 15A
Glass layers 3 Layers
Litre 30-39L
Origin England
Size 60CM
Type Mircowave Oven

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