Whirlpool CB2069/IX Built-In Mircowave Oven

-17% Whirlpool CB2069/IX Built-In Mircowave Oven
Whirlpool's 2 combination cooking enables microwaves to cook from the inside while the grill works on the outside, meaning food cooks as fast on the inside as it does on the outside.
20L Capacity
5 Heating Methods
2 Combination Cooking
Painted Cavity
Made in Asia
Key Features:
Cavity: Painted
Colour: Black Glass (Trim Kit: Stainless Steel)
Oven attribute
Amp 13A
Glass layers 2 Layers
Litre 30L Below
Origin China
Size 60CM
Type Microwave

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  • HK$2,390
  • HK$1,980

Tags: WhirlPool, 惠而浦, CB2069/IX, 嵌入式微波爐, Built-In Mircowave Oven