Teka MWL20BIS Built-in Girll + Microwave Oven

Teka MWL20BIS Built-in Girll + Microwave Oven
Microwave + Grill
Electronic control panel  
Quartz grill 1,000W  
5 microwave power levels (800 W)  
3 cooking memories  
Capacity: 18 litres  
Stainless steel inner cavity  
24 cm Integrated rotary turntable  
Forced ventilation  
Timer 0-90 minutes  
Automatic defrost by time and weight  
3 direct access menus  
Children's safety block  
Built-in frame included  
Standard accessories: one grid
Net Capacity 18L
Power Supply 220-240V
Frequency 50Hz
Max. Nominal Power 1,200W
Microwave Power 800W
Grill Power 1,000W
Overall Measurements 390H x 595W x 325D (mm)
Inner Measurements 210H x 305W x 280D (mm)
One Year Warranty
- Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. 
- All photos are for reference only. 
- More up-to-date products are available in Teka International website for local ordering. Please contact us for enquiry.


Oven attribute
Amp 15A
Glass layers 2 Layers
Litre 30L Below
Origin Spain
Size 60CM
Type Microwave

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