Misoko FD-7001 70cm Disinfection Cabinet (10-12 Person)

Misoko FD-7001 70cm Disinfection Cabinet (10-12 Person)

Blue wave light disinfection
High-quality stainless steel liner, external drainage cup barrel cabinet
Easy cleaning
Compact fluorescent tube lighting bottom of the tank
Install wall cabinets can be Wall Mounted or bottom, space-saving
10-12 people use the food storage device
Built-in door, not the space
Built-in dish rack and chopstick, tidy
Tableware can adjust the number of hours drying type

Power: AC220 50Hz
Power consumption: 20W Temperature Fan 330W fluorescent tubes
Drying capacity: About 1012 people were eating on
Drying: air temperature means
Between the set: 4 drying time setting

700 (W) x 400 (high) x 325 (D)

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  • HK$2,150

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