Ocean E2882 70cm Auto Washed Cookerhood

-41% Ocean E2882 70cm Auto Washed Cookerhood

Rated voltage: 220V ~ 50Hz
Total motor consumption: 235W
Lighting consumption: Max40W
Auto wash consumption: 190W
HD maximum motor revolutions per minute: a prototype motor beyond 2800rpm HD
Six-inch diameter vent outlet (five inches Diao random supply of plastic pipe) 6 "
Center from walls: 130mm
Stove distance: depends on the type and the kitchen stove actual environment 28 "/ 700mm (+ / - 10%)
Warranty: One year full warranty permanent motor warranty
Body: Wide Deep High 28 "(
710.535.125 mm)
Net weight: 14 KG
GW: 15 KG
Origin: from development to production, 100% from Taiwan



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  • HK$3,560
  • HK$2,100

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