Hibachi HY-2880 70cm Detachable Cookerhood (white / gray)

Hibachi HY-2880 70cm Detachable Cookerhood (white / gray)

Island Type Hood
1. Theory Hing ergonomic use of modern industrial design from
2. Harmonious colors, luxurious, safe and reliable, attractive appearance, especially suitable for the modern family
3. Just regular cleaning oil network, without disassembly, cleaning other parts, extremely easy to take apart and wash
4. The wind is exceptionally strong, complete adsorption of the cooking oil to reduce the pollution of the environment
Size (mm)
Length: 730 mm
Width: 510 mm,
High: 130 mm
Note: white / gray to choose



Hoods Attribute
Size 70cm

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  • HK$810

Tags: Hibachi, 氣霸, HY-2880, 70厘米易拆式抽油煙機 (白色/灰色), Detachable Cookerhood