Hibachi 氣霸 HY-228 TG Town Gas Hobs

Hibachi 氣霸 HY-228 TG Town Gas Hobs
Furnace shell with ultra-thin design, stylish fashion model, durable, easy to clean.
Big flame burners independent tricyclic core, saving cooking time, multi-stage fire regulation.
Thermally efficient combustion design, energy-saving effect is more pronounced.
There are leak-proof safety device to prevent gas leakage, ensure safety.
Furnace body size
Length: 710 mm
Width: 375 mm
Height: 125 mm
Burners 2
Gas: Left: 6.2KW, Right: 6.2KW
Connecting pipe 1/2 "nipple / LPG dedicated trachea
Ignition Piezo ignition

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