GAGGENAU VF414110 38cm Vario deep fryer

GAGGENAU VF414110 38cm Vario deep fryer
Main facts:
Three-zone basin, without flavour transfer
Exact temperature control, no drop in output
Integrated frying basket suspension
Solid stainless steel control knob
Precision crafting of 3 mm stainless steel
For surface installation with a visible edge or for flush installation
Can be combined perfectly with other Vario appliances of the 400 series
Cooking zones:
Three-zone basin.
Oil capacity 3.5 litres.
Control knobs with illuminated ring, oil/fat selection and temperature marking.
Electronic temperature control from 135 °C to 190 °C, in 5 °C steps.
Cleaning setting.
Gentle fat melting setting.
Foaming zone.
Frying zone.
Cold oil zone.
Swing-out heating element (3000 W).
Oil drain valve with child lock.
Safety shut-off.
Total connected load 3.0 kW.
Plan a connection cable.
Built-In Type Other

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