Miele KM6356 Built-in Induction Hob

-10% Miele KM6356 Built-in Induction Hob
Elegant glass ceramic surface
Print design : LightPrint
Flush installation
Ring details 
No. of rings : 4
PowerFlex rings 
Number : 2
Diameter in mm : 150x230
Power rating in W : 2100
Booster in W: 3000
TwinBooster in W : 3650
Position : front left
Type : Wok burner
Diameter in mm : Ø 300
Power rating in W : 2300
Booster in W : 3200
Position : rear centre
Type : Dual-circuit ring
Diameter in mm : Ø 100-160
Power rating in W : 1400
Booster in W : 2200
Position : right
Type : PowerFlex bridge
Diameter in mm: 230x390
Power rating in W : 3400
Booster in W: 4800
TwinBooster in W: 7300
User convenience :  
Operation via touchpad sensors
Direct selection
Pan/Pan-size sensors
Stop & Go function
Minute minder
Automatic switch-off for all rings
Keep-warm function
Individual setting options (e.g. audible signal tones)
Residual heat indicator for every ring
Digital power level display
Efficiency and sustainability : 
Residual heat utilisation
Cleaning convenience : 
Easy to clean ceramic surface
Safety : 
Safety cut-out
Lock function
System lock
Fault monitoring
Integrated cooling fan
Overheating protection
Residual heat indicator
Technical data  : 
Total connected load in W : 7300
Weight in kg : 14
Voltage in V : 230
Fuse rating in : 32A
Frequenz in Hz : 50-60
Number of phases : 1
Cable length in m : 1.3
Standard accessories 
Connection cable
Coated wok pan
Dimensions : 88H x 790W x 510Dmm
Cut Out Dimensions : 88H x 776W x 496Dmm
One Year Warranty

Amp 20A Or Above
Built-In Type Induction Hob
Cook Zone Triple Burner
Origin Germany
Size 80cm

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  • HK$50,000
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