Gorenje IS655USC Built-in Flex Induction Hob

Gorenje IS655USC Built-in Flex Induction Hob
Induction hobs:
Induction hobs heat up twice as fast as gas cookers, which makes them comparatively more economical and safe. An induction hob only heats the bottom of the pan while the remaining hob surface stays cool and always safe to touch. Temperature is adjusted instantly, by a simple touch, limiting the danger of boiling over. With such a hob melted chocolate, sophisticated sauces and other temperature-sensitive masterpieces become just a simple task.
PowerBoost Supreme:
When in a hurry, don’t worry
PowerBoost Supreme provides extreme heat intensity to the pot and significantly cuts waiting time. It takes just 4.2 minutes to boil 2l of water, which is extremely time-efficient. This function is found in Superior models of Gorenje induction hobs.
An XXL surface, for super large pots and pans
XpandZone allows cooking on almost the entire surface of the induction hob. When the XpandZone mode is activated, the cooking zones on the left or right side of the hob are combined into one extra-large cooking zone. Combined cooking zones allow more space and freedom for cooking, space for larger cookware, or space for several smaller pots or pans that can be placed anywhere on the combined cooking zone.
Somebody always on the watch
The countdown timer can be set for up to 99 minutes. If the optimum cooking time for a particular dish is known from experience, the timer can be set and the hob will switch off automatically when completed. A beep will signal that the food is ready.
The kitchen as a safe environment
ChildLock option is excellent for those who have children at home. Leaving them in a kitchen unauthorized has never been safer, since this option prevents them from resetting any parameters.
Staying perfect for the latecomers
The StayWarm function keeps food at a constant temperature of 70˚C until the time is right to serve the meal. The food retains its original flavour and temperature until it is served.
Technical details:
Chamfered hob edges - three times
SliderTouch, control at your fingertips
Timer function
StayWarm function
PowerBoost Supreme
4 induction heating zones Left front: Ø 20×20 cm, 1.8/3 kW, Right front: Ø 20×20 cm, 1.8/3 kW, Left behind: Ø 20×20 cm, 1.8/3 kW, Right behind: Ø 20×20 cm, 1.8/3 kW
Safety control hob lock
Connected load: 7,200 W
Dimensions of the product (W×H×D): 60 × 6 × 51 cm
Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 68.5 × 14.2 × 58.5 cm
Niche dimensions (WxHxD): 56 × 5 × 49 cm
Net weight: 11.7 kg
Gross weight: 13.8 kg
Consumption in standby mode: 0.4 W
Connected load: 7,200 W
Code: 465896
EAN code: 3838942025051
Amp 20A Or Above
Built-In Type Induction Hob
Cook Zone 4 Burner or above

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