Hitachi HY-2800CD 75cm Built-in 2-Zone Induction Hob

Hitachi HY-2800CD 75cm Built-in 2-Zone Induction Hob

1. When an electromagnetic cooking stove heated directly in the fossa, the heat transfer performance of up to 90%, 50% higher than the average gas cooking stove, not only saving, but also by about 45% of fuel costs.
2. Two sections of fire control, cooking Chinese and Western cuisines, and handy.
3. To avoid harmful gases and fumes from the combustion air to reduce the damage of the respiratory system for the elderly and children.
4. Soot, tar greatly reduced, the kitchen is no longer the miasma of dirty smoke, the environment is clean and fresh, clean kitchen appliances easily without worry.
Dimensions (mm)
W 730 x D 420 x H68 (mm)
Cut-out Dimensions (mm)
W 690 x D400 (mm)
Weight (kg): 11 kg
Number of Burners: 2
Heat load
Left Burner: 2.8 KW
Right Burner: 2.8 KW
Control Panel: induction
Note: both sides of the fire sharing



Amp 13A
Built-In Type Induction Hob
Cook Zone Dual Burner
Origin China
Size 75cm

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  • HK$2,110

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