BERLIN BL-928 2800W 30cm 2-Zones Induction Cooker

BERLIN BL-928 2800W 30cm 2-Zones Induction Cooker
Burner arrangement designed from top to bottom 
Maximum total power: 2800W 
On the stove: 2200W; under the stove: 1500W 
Touch sensing and 9 above fire regulation 
Designed to automatically detect failures 
NW: 4.5KG 
Body Size: W288 x H80 x D510 (mm) 
Installation Requirements 
100 mm away from the walls of the fuselage 
Embedded countertop cutout Size: W268 x D495 (mm) 
Kitchen and coffee in the pore space must be available 
Require independent power feeder 30 amps or independent switch Terminal Block
Built-In Type Induction Hob
Cook Zone Dual Burner
Origin China
Size 30cm or below

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