Hibachi 氣霸 HY-3612AS Built-in LP Gas Hobs

-43% Hibachi 氣霸 HY-3612AS Built-in LP Gas Hobs
The furnace shell model using the most advanced design, titanium, the panel into the aluminum alloy package glass edge manufacturing, durable, easy to clean.
Thermally efficient combustion design, energy-saving effect is more obvious.
Imports pulse ignition Sui intended to adjust the firepower to adapt to the needs of a variety of cooking making.
Leak-proof safety device to prevent gas leakage, ensure safety.
Dimensions: L780 x W400 x H105 mm
Built-in dimensions: L700 x W400 mm
3 Burners
Heat load
LPG: Left: 4.6KW, Middle: 1.1KW, right: 4.6KW
Connection pipe: 1/2" Threaded joints
Ignition way: pulse ignition way
Note: LPG
Built-In Type Gas Hob
Cook Zone Triple Burner
Origin China
Size 80cm

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  • HK$4,680
  • HK$2,680

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