TGC TRJB72VS-C (TG) 70cm Built-in 2 Burner Town Gas Hob

TGC TRJB72VS-C (TG) 70cm Built-in 2 Burner Town Gas Hob
1. Ceramic glass top plate with innovative vortex shape cast stainless steel pan support, unique and attractive design
2. Unique pan support shape match with vortex flame, stably supporting frying pan and wok
3. Stylish design with pop up display control panel
4. Sensor touch 9-step flame suits various cooking needs
5. Strong vortex flame with independent adjustable lower deck flame control caters for different cooking style
6. Fully sealed burner design facilitates cleaning of any spills
7. 4-hour adjustable flame off timer, 3 hour safety cut off and child proof lock function
Number of Burners : 2
kg : 15
lb : 33
Electric Supply
220V a.c. (50Hz)
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) : 82 x 742 x 440mm
Cut-out Dimensions (Width x Depth) : 703 x 403mm
Free parts with 3-year warranty
Built-In Type Gas Hob
Cook Zone Dual Burner
Origin Japan
Size 75cm

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