Hibachi 氣霸 HY-238 Built-in Gas Hobs

Hibachi 氣霸 HY-238  Built-in Gas Hobs
1 ) selection of  super - tempered glass  furnace  surface ,  high temperature,  radiation ,  pollution-free,  look  clean  as a mirror  is easy to clean . 
2) New  independent  lotus  core ,  large  stove  fire  design ,  the  fire  is  more balanced ,  multi-stage  fire regulation . 
3) automatic  leak-proof  safety devices  to protect  the  safety in the home . 
S ize  (mm) 
Length : 750 mm 
Width:  450 mm 
High : 150 mm 
Built-in size 
Length : 670  mm 
Width:  of 350 mm 
Number of Burners : 2 
Heat load  
Town gas : Left :   5.8  KW  Right : 5.8  KW 
Connect  the  trachea :  1/2 " threaded connections 
Ignition:  ignition pulse 
Town  gas 
White /  black  to choose  
Built-In Type Gas Hob
Cook Zone Dual Burner
Origin China
Size 75cm

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